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It's always fun to share horsey news with fellow horse folks. Please send us your news, wrap up of events and clinics, comings and goings at your barn and don't forget to add a photo or two. We'll share it on our facebook page. If you'd like us to give you press coverage of an event please email us the details as far in advance as possible.


Initial Results from UK Indoor Horse Arena Survey Released

By Holly Wiemers

LEXINGTON, Ky., (Nov. 18, 2019) – When University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment graduate student Staci McGill set out to learn more about the air quality of indoor horse arenas last year, she was surprised to discover there wasn’t any existing research available. So she forged the way with first-of-its-kind research, melding her passion for riding with her academic research interests.
In May 2018, she launched a survey about indoor arenas in partnership with UK’s College of Public Health and facility design experts within the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. The survey set out to gather information on arena design and construction, footing, maintenance and the arena environment. Owners, managers and riders were asked about arena construction characteristics, air quality, arena footing and associated health outcomes in horses and humans Read the full article...

Horse Radio Network Live 5th Annual 12 Hour Holiday Radiothon by State Line Tack

Ocala, FL (November 25, 2019) - Horse Radio Network is pleased to announce its 5th Annual Live 12 Hour Holiday Radio Event; the “HRN Holiday Radiothon,” airing Monday, December 2nd, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern. This year’s event is sponsored by State Line Tack and  
The HRN Holiday Radiothon will feature 12 hours of programming, including over 20 of the hosts from HRN programs including HORSES IN THE MORNING, Dressage, Driving Radio Show, Monty Roberts Horsemanship Radio, Stacy Westfall, Healthy Critters Radio, Equus Film Festival, Horse Nation, Heels Down Happy Hour, and many more. Read the full article...

Strangles Outbreak in North-East USA

There have been two strangles outbreaks posted at the Equine Disease Center, one in MA and one in RI. Unfortunately the efficacy of the strangles vaccine is questioned by many and not as widely used as other vaccines in the horse population. Quarantine protocols should be in order for any newcomers to a barn but large numbers of horses on the move at this time of year, particularly from the North East USA to the Florida circuit, certainly warrant attention

Source: Massachusetts State Veterinarian

Number Confirmed: 1;
Number Exposed: 40;
Notes: A boarding facility in Middlesex County has been placed under official quarantine.

Source: Rhode Island State Veterinarian

Number Confirmed: 1;
Number Exposed: 47;
Clinical Signs: Coughing, Fever, Nasal Discharge, Lymphadenopathy;  Horse Status: Affected And Alive; Vaccination Status: Status Unknown;
Notes: A 40+ horse boarding facility in Providence County, RI began experiencing mild respiratory disease in mid-September. Signs were mild fever, nasal discharge and cough. There are several attending veterinarians for the stable and one was consulted. This veterinarian obtained nasopharyngeal samples from 3 horses and submitted them for a respiratory panel where Equine Rhinovirus-B was discovered in 2 horses and Streptococcus equi zooepidemicus in all three. The farm owner separated the sick horses from well ones until the sick ones were clinically normal for greater than a week (all horses had temps monitored twice daily). Upon reintroducing the horses that were formerly showing signs, the well horses began showing similar signs with some also experiencing lymphadenitis and lymphadenopathy. To date approximately 26 horses have experienced some respiratory signs and 21 have not. A second veterinarian examined a single horse with the aforementioned signs and she obtained a nasopharyngeal sample that was qPCR positive for EHV-4 and Streptococcus equi equi. Upon this diagnosis the state veterinarian issued an order of quarantine. The owner had been maintaining strict biosecurity prior to the new diagnosis but two horses left the property to go to another boarding facility in the same town. There was no quarantine in place when they moved. There is no known disease at that farm and those horses moved about 3 weeks prior to the diagnosis of S. equ and EHV-4. See all alerts

U.S. Senate Passes Federal Anti-Cruelty Bill

Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act Headed to the President’s Desk

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the U.S. Senate passed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act by unanimous consent. The bill, ed by U.S. Sens. Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), would establish the first federal anti-cruelty law. The House of Representatives also recently passed a companion bill, led by Reps. Ted Deutch (D-FL) and Vern Buchanan (R-FL), and now the measure goes to President Trump for his signature. Read the full article...

The American Driving Society, Inc. (ADS) Announces New Dressage Tests

Driving Dressage Tests

Cross Plains, WI - The NEW 2020 ADS Dressage Tests are available now, exclusively on the ADS website.
“The ADS has always been committed to supporting the evolution of the sport of carriage driving and the education of our members,” said ADS President Daniel Rosenthal. “We are very proud to introduce a comprehensive set of new dressage tests for the first time in a number of years. As a driver, I look forward to learning and driving these tests and using them in the ongoing training of my Dartmoor Ponies.”
The Judges View Tests are available at:…/Resourc…/Dressage-Tests . Members have exclusive access to the Drivers View Tests. Please note that the new tests are identified by letters to differentiate them from the old, numbered tests.
These tests were created by the Driven Dressage Committee of The American Driving Society, Inc. (ADS). As such they are the copyrighted and propriety work product of the ADS and are exclusively for the private use of ADS Members, by ADS-Recognized Events, or with advance express written approval of the ADS.
Both the NEW lettered tests and the older numbered tests may be used at ADS-Recognized Events through June 30, 2020. Beginning July 1, 2020 ADS-Recognized Events will only offer the NEW lettered Dressage tests.
Join us at the ADS Annual Meeting Weekend at The Grand Oaks on Saturday, December 7 at noon to observe the demonstration of the new tests. Register for the weekend on the ADS website.
The ADS Board and staff extend their gratitude to the Driven Dressage Committee, led by Chair Tracey Morgan, for their tireless work on this project. Read the full article...

McSally, Booker, and Gillibrand Champion Animal Protection Provisions in Senate Spending Package

– The U.S. Senate passed two critical animal protection provisions to protect survivors of domestic violence and their pets and urge robust enforcement of federal animal welfare laws. The measures were included as part of the Senate’s multi-Agency spending bill for FY20 and carried strong bipartisan support.
Led by U.S. Sens. Martha McSally (R-AZ) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), the first provision provides $3 million for a new grant program to help domestic violence shelters accommodate companion animals. The program was originally authorized by the Pet and Women Safety (PAWS) Act, which was included in the Farm Bill signed into law in December 2018 and requires annual funding through the congressional appropriations process. The U.S. House included a lesser amount - $2 million in that chamber’s Agriculture Appropriations bill.  AWA helped pass the PAWS Act last year, and our effort to secure funding was a logical follow up.
Far too many victims of domestic violence are forced to choose between their own safety and the safety of their pet, with few shelters having the ability to house pets, and the PAWS Act was passed with the aim to address this problem so that more shelters can accommodate pets. Both Sens. McSally and Gillibrand were cosponsors of the PAWS Act in 2018 – Sen. McSally then as a House Member, and Sen. Gillibrand, as a Member of the Senate Agriculture Committee. Read the full article...

FREE Run-In Shed Sweepstakes Giveaway from Horizon Structures Winners To Be Announced by Boyd Martin and Phil Dutton December 20th, 2019

Look what Horizon Structures put under the tree for free. Did you enter? The Sweepstakes contest closed November 30th and a selection of ten finalists will be made by the Equine Network team with a final winner to be decided based on a short video submission from each of the final ten by Horizon Structures management.

“We’ve put something special under the tree, for FREE. This 10’ x 20’ run-in shed is the perfect gift for your horse and as the holiday season approaches we figured what better way to give back to the equestrian community than by following up our last year’s Sweepstakes with another one,” said Dave Zook, owner of Horizon Structures.

FREE Run-In Shed Sweepstakes Giveaway from Horizon Structures

And what horse owner wouldn't love to win this fabulous run-in shed to shelter their horse this winter.

FREE Run-In Shed Sweepstakes Giveaway from Horizon Structures

Here’s How To Enter

The Sweepstakes winner will be nnounced by Olympians Phil Dutton and Boyd Martin from 10 finalists on or about December 20th. Listen in to Boyd Martin and Dave Zook chatting about the the Sweepstakes contest here.

Please don't forget to tune in to Horizon Structures Facebook page to keep abreast of the 10 finalists that will be announced early December and see news of the final lucky winner. That could be you!!

See news from last year’s winner, Ashley Nelms of Flare Oaks Rescue, NC here 

UK Launches Series of Educational Equine Parasitology Videos
By Holly Wiemers

Parasites and Pasture Management

Lexington, Ky., -The University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center is releasing 18 educational videos to inform horse owners, farm managers and veterinarians about best practices in equine parasitology. The series will become available over the course of a few months beginning in October.
According to the creator, Martin Nielsen, Schlaikjer Professor of Equine Infectious Disease, the videos will be especially relevant and important to those who answer yes to any of the following questions: Do you deworm at the first frost? Do you keep your horses stalled following deworming? How about treating wormy-looking horses with a half dose of dewormer? Spoiler alert: yes is the incorrect answer to all of those questions.
Nielsen’s videos fall into one of three categories: short videos addressing common misconceptions about parasite control; longer educational videos outBRning important concepts in parasite control; and videos that inform viewers about current findings, research needs and the importance of UK’s equine research herds. Read the full Article...

Please also see our article on Parasites and Pasture Management

UC Davis Study Reports That Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome is Not Associated with Catastrophic Breakdown in Thoroughbreds

Researchers at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine have published the results of a study that investigated the frequency of the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) mutation in Thoroughbreds. The study demonstrated that the WFFS mutation is not a genetic risk factor for catastrophic breakdown and is only present at a very low frequency in this breed.

UC Davis Study Reports That Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome is Not Associated with Catastrophic Breakdown in Thoroughbreds
Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome is inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion, meaning that a horse needs to have two copies of the mutation to be affected. WFFS is a fatal genetic defect of connective tissue characterized by hyperextensible, abnormally thin, fragile skin and mucous membranes. More than 700 Thoroughbreds were tested for the WFFS mutation, including 22 catastrophic breakdown fatalities. The allele frequency among all samples was 1.2 percent and the carrier rate (or horses with one copy) was 2.4 percent. None of the horses in the study had two copies of the mutation and only one of the 22 catastrophic breakdown cases carried the WFFS allele. Read the full article...

U.S. Senate Committee Maintains Ban on Horse Slaughter in the U.S.

Legislation Would Keep Horse Slaughter Plants Closed in the U.S.

– Today, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee included a provision in the FY2020 Agriculture Appropriations bill to maintain the ban on slaughtering horses in the U.S, thanks to Senators Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Tom Udall (D-NM), and Susan Collins (R-ME), all longtime leaders on the issue. The language bars the use of taxpayer dollars for horse slaughter inspections, which effectively prevents the plants from operating. Similar language was included in the House FY20 Agriculture Appropriations bill in June and is expected to be included in any final spending bill passed by Congress. Read the full article...

American Horse Council Seeks Input on Equine Industry Workforce Needs

AHC(Washington, D.C., September 3, 2019): At the recent American Horse Council (AHC) Annual meeting, attendees heard a proposal regarding the idea of the equine industry building a national network of “hosts” to offer an apprenticeship and/or certificate program to train domestic workers to meet the horse industry’s workforce needs. The rising shortage of documented workers for jobs in the equine industries has created a demand by equine industry employers to seek a new and better approach to finding, assessing, training and certifying a domestic workforce. For too long, many equine industry employers have overly relied on access to a pool of foreign labor under the Federal Government’s H-2B Guest Worker Visa program. In recent years, attempts at reforming the U.S. Immigration System and passing laws to address its shortcomings have failed. Yes, the equine industries – like other industries - must continue to advocate on behalf of its members for a better long-term approach to federal guest worker visas. However, the time has come for stakeholders in the equine industry to create a new domestic national workforce pipeline. Read the full article...

The HSUS, HSLF file Lawsuit to Compel USDA to Reinstate Rule Necessary to Save Horses From Soring


WASHINGTON D.C. (August 14, 2019)— Today the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society Legislative Fund filed a lawsuit <>  in federal court against the U.S. Department of Agriculture, seeking to compel the agency to reinstate a final rule that was duly issued, prescribed and promulgated in 2017, but withdrawn with the advent of a new administration. The final rule amended regulations under the Horse Protection Act (HPA) that have allowed soring to fester for the entire 49 years since the Act’s passage.

The lawsuit argues that by withdrawing the final rule, the USDA not only violated the legal requirements of rulemaking, but also violated its mandate under the HPA.  The lawsuit was filed by pro bono counsel at the law firm Latham & Watkins, LLP and the HSUS’s Animal Protection Litigation team. Several individual plaintiffs joined the HSUS and HSLF. Read the full article...

HITS Announces Sale of Thermal Series of Horse Shows and Winter Circuit in Arizona
Company to fully concentrate each winter on HITS Ocala Circuit

HITSSaugerties, NY - HITS, Inc., and CEO Thomas Struzzieri are pleased to announce the sale of the Thermal, California series of horse shows and the winter circuit in Arizona. The sale includes the eight winter Desert Circuit shows and the two fall shows that make up the Sunshine Series of events, and the six weeks held at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson.

Founded in 1992, the Desert Circuit quickly became the centerpiece of the HITScollection of circuits. The series now attracts over 3,000 stalls in a given week and sets new standards for prize money awarded, including the AIG $1,000,000 Grand Prix. This past fall, the Sunshine Circuit rented 2,000 stalls and is now on pace to shatter entry records for the 2019 season. The Desert Circuit has long been a destination for top horse-rider combinations and for several seasons hosted four FEI World Cup Qualifying events a year. Read the full article...

Rider's Pain Free BackWinner of Catskill Horse Book Contest is Stephanie Peralta, Redland, MD.


Thanks to friends at Horse and Rider Books for the copy of the revised and latest edition of the fabulous book The Rider’s Pain Free Back. The winner of our Facebook page contest is Stephanie Peralta, of Redland, MD.


“I never win anything but I guess I can’t say that anymore. So excited to have won something and have the opportunity to learn with this book thank you so much Catskill Horse Magazine!” said Peralta on hearing the news of her win.


Innovative “HoofSearch” System Offers Subscribers a Direct, Efficient Connection to Newly-Published Hoof and Lameness Research

HoofsearchGLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)-- “Is there a new study on mismatched feet in warmbloods?”
“What does the very latest research on support limb laminitis say?”
“Didn’t I hear that someone just published a new hoof wall biopsy technique? I went online, but I couldn’t find it…”
Equine veterinary professionals, researchers, and students now have a helping hand to keep up with research. They can come out from behind their towering stacks of unread journals, delete all their outdated content alert emails, and forget being intimidated by the protocols on database sites.
HoofSearch--the intersection of the hoof and research--is a monthly guide that indexes new peer-reviewed research, academic papers, conference proceedings, and patents covering hoof science, equine lameness, biomechanics, diagnostic imaging and related topics like equine metabolic syndrome, arena footing and track surfaces, and racing, breed and sport-specific lameness all in one interactive document, available 24/7 across all of a subscriber’s web-connected devices. Read the full article...

The Donkey Hide Trade in East Africa Has Reached Unprecedented Levels: Hundreds of Thousands of Donkeys May Die

Lexington, KY – July 9, 2019 -- Donkeys across East Africa are being slaughtered for their hides to meet an ever-increasing demand for “Ejiao”, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine and beauty products. Ejiao is made from the gelatin produced from donkey hides.
The treatment of donkeys in this process is often gruesome and has a huge impact on the livelihoods of people in the geographic areas funded by Brooke USA. Donkeys are being stolen, horrifically mistreated and cruelly slaughtered—sometimes in the brush or street just outside their owners’ property. The current rate of theft, smuggling and slaughter in East Africa with Kenya at the epicenter has the potential to kill more than1,000 donkeys every single day. Read the full article...

No More Leg Clipping Allowed On Site At FEI Level Competition

FEI bans leg clipping at showsThe FEI has made some changes to the  FEI Veterinary Regulations for 2019.

In an effort to protect the equine athlete from discomfort in hypo or hypersensitive parts of the body, the FEI has issued new regulations in regard to clipping or shaving on site at FEI events. The regulations that need to be followed at all international events are stated in general principles of the regulations.

“General Principles

1. All International Events must be organised according to the FEI Statutes, the FEI General Regulations (GRs), the Veterinary Regulations (VRs) and the relevant Sport Rules, which include the supervision and maintenance of the health and welfare of all Horses taking part.” Read the full article...

ASPCA Announces Annual Help a Horse Home Equine Adoption Challenge to Find More Good Homes for Horses

Equine organizations across the country encouraged to register for chance to win some of the $150,000 available in #HelpAHorse grant prizes

–The ASPCA ® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) has opened registration for its annual Help a Horse Home: ASPCA Equine Adoption Challenge. The nationwide competition for equine rescues, shelters, and sanctuaries is designed to increase adoptions of equines around the country. This year’s challenge has been expanded to include four divisions and multiple ways to win, including a grand prize and prizes for social media, totaling $150,000. Read the full article...

Guelph, Ontario – Equine Guelph announces its new “Mare & Foal Care Tool" Mare & Foal Care, a free and interactive online tool that will help users learn about reproduction in horses. The Mare & Foal Care Tool was designed and developed in partnership with PFERA, an equine reproductive biotechnology company, as a resource for horse owners and breeders.
This free online resource will take users through the complete cycle of reproduction in the horse, from preparing to breed a mare to caring for the newborn foal. Users can start with The Pregnancy Wheel, where they’ll see how their foal will develop through pregnancy and learn what care their mare will need. They can experience the Mare & Foal E-Learning Checklist, an interactive module that will take users through the needs of the mare and/or foal before, during, and after pregnancy. Finally, users can watch the Foaling Time Video and print the Foaling Checklist Poster so they’re ready when it’s time to meet their new little one! Read the full article...

Why Do Horses Eat Dirt?

One of the most frequently asked question from my clients is “Why does my horse want Why Do Horses Eat Dirtto eat dirt? Is she missing something in her diet?” Well, the question can be answered several ways, as there is not one particular reason why horses engage in this perfectly natural activity. Horses are supposed to eat a certain amount of dirt on a daily basis.

• Dirt is a natural part of the equine diet. It contains minerals in bio-available form that the horse needs for various metabolic functions. Some of the minerals, iron for example, are more utilizable from the soil than when added to feeds or stored in forages. Horses that are constantly stabled and deprived of minerals naturally found in dirt may develop deficiencies even when supplied with those minerals in processed feeds.

• Dirt also contains microbes that the horse’s digestive tract can benefit from. Some microbes are located in plant roots so the horse may dig through the dirt to get at the roots of these plants.

• Dirt contains water and salt which can both help a thirsty horse stay hydrated. However, it is always better to make sure horses are supplied with fresh drinking water and salt at all times. Read the full article.

Coming Soon! The Latest Book from Catskill Horse Editor Nikki Alvin-Smith ~
Road Map to Grand Prix Dressage

With a ton of experience horse breeding, importing, training horse and rider in dressage it Coming Soon! The Latest Book from Catskill Horse Editor Nikki Alvin-Smith ~
Road Map to Grand Prix Dressageis no big surprise that our own Nikki Alvin-Smith has been signed up to write a book on the topic. The book will be chock full of advice on everything dressage from horse selection to piaffe and passage training.

“I’ve always believed that every horse and rider can benefit from dressage training no matter what discipline they currently favor. The advanced levels are attainable for everyone and I love to take the mystique out of all horse training and provide a down to earth program for riders and horses of all abilities. My book will have a humorous touch with the ‘road map’ portion legend that will warn the rider when to put on the brakes or proceed with caution as they train their own horse through the various movements. Classical dressage training is fun and this title will include lots of anecdotal experiences I love to share including travel to buy horses abroad, competing abroad and clinic snafus that have happened during my career. I am thrilled at this opportunity!” said Nikki.

Road Map to Grand Prix Dressage is slated for release in Spring 2020 and will be available for purchase through and Amazon in both print and e-book format.

Standing a Stallion? Cash in on a FREE listing in Catskill Horse Stallion Directory

The Merry Band at the Catskill Horse continues to add more resources to the magazine to service regional horse businesses and horse owners with the addition of a Stallion Directory.
To grab your free listing as a stallion owner please submit the following via email to us at :-
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20 words or less highlighting his credentials:
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And most importantly a great photo! Must be copyright released to us by photographer if not your own to release.


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