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Catskill Horse Organization was created in 2012 to help develop equestrian lifestyle choices and careers in the North-East region of the U.S.A. Since inception this .org digital publication has developed loyal readership across the nation and even internationally.
Our mission is to create a resource that will benefit every horse owner and/or horse business owner and most importantly every horse!

Whether you are a professional horse trainer, horse breeder, horse rescuer, provide services for the equine industry or just love to be around horses we want you to enjoy being part of this community organization and have the opportunity to meet others that share a passion for horses.

Directory listings are free. We will provide editorial support for advertisers, and are keen to help promote equine events in the N.E.region and beyond.

While we validate every directory listing independently before publication, we cannot vouch for the services or sale items or horses offered.

Everyone is welcome. This is your publication and we hope that you will share news of Catskill Horse with your friends and family and send us your ideas for what you'd like to see included.

Send us your photos, news, horses and equipment for sale, events.

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The Merry Band of the Catskill Horse Team.

The Merry Band of the Catskill Horse Team

Publisher: Horse in a Kilt Media Inc.

Editor: Nikki Alvin-Smith

Sales Manager: James Smith

Contributing Writers/Photographers:

Amy McLaughlin

Anne Arent

Bethany Videto

Chelsea V. Smith

Jenny Rolfe

Kelly Brainerd

Nancie Abuhaidar

Pat Kitchen


James Smith
Sales Manager

James Smith, Sales Manager.


James is a graduate of Curry College, MA and has experience working in several fields including security for biotech firms in Boston, in Sales and Marketing for a leading healthcare provider covering the New England region.

James has been around horses all his life, and currently resides in N. Grafton, MA, with his wife, one dog, one cat and one horse! In his downtime James enjoys hunting, hiking and martial arts.





Amy McLaughlin

Amy McLaughlin Amy was born in New York City and studied at UC Berkeley and New York University and holds a degree in Fine Arts. She now lives in High Falls, NY. She has been in love with horses and art for as long as she can remember. Amy is a talented artist and her works focus chiefly on, you guessed it, horses.


Anne Tanner Arent.

Anne Arent


Anne holds a BA in English from the prestigious Marist College and has worked in web design. Anne has competed on the A circuit in the hunter/jumper world, worked for Rhinebeck Equine as a vet clinic with Dr. Jeff Williams and was also coach for Yale College Intercollegiate Team.








Bethany Videto

Bethany VideyoBeth has a wealth of experience with horses and has a valuable multi-discipline background which will diversify Catskill Horse's ability report and write across all facets of the equestrian world.

Bethany Videto is an avid trail rider, barrel racer and equine massage therapist. She has been riding and working with horses for 17 years, starting as a Dressage and Jumper rider and later expanding to Western riding to work on several ranches.  She is involved in training, competitive games and team penning with her 4 year old Appendix mare Orla.


Chelsea V. Smith.

Chelsea V. Smith

Chelsea is our Yay or Neigh columnist and previously worked for our publisher Horse in a Kilt Media Inc. as Executive Assistant.

Chelsea graduated from the University of Vermont (UVM) with a Masters in History, and also holds a B.A. in History with English and International Studies minor, from Susquehanna University, P.A. During her time at UVM Chelsea worked in the writing field, dedicating a year to working on a project to train professors how to teach writing skills to students of all levels within the University. Chelsea is a published writer, has presented her writings across the country as far West as Montana, and has presented her published works up and down the East Coast including locally at the Historical Society of Gilboa, NY.

While Chelsea has had to put her equestrian activities on hold due to work, she has trained in multiple disciplines including hunter/jumpers and also dressage and has worked with several noted trainers in those disciplines.


Jenny Rolfe

Jenny RolfeJenny Rolfe is an inspiration to students and trainers who seek a deeper empathic connection with their horse. Students travel from across the world to learn the art of communication through breath-heart-energy awareness with Jenny and her beautiful Iberian stallions.

This path leads to deeper empowerment and harmony in body, mind and spirit- the place where horse and rider connect – as the horse mirrors the breath-heart-energy from the rider.
Jenny’s students come from diverse backgrounds and include international trainers, BHS trainers, dressage competitors, natural horsemanship instructors and equine healers.

Jenny writes regular articles for leading equestrian magazines in the UK, Europe, Egypt, Australia and the USA. She is a renowned author and her titles include Breathe Life into Your Riding, Ride From the Heart and also the DVD Ride From the Heart.

Kelly Brainerd

Kelly BrainerdSince the age of five, Kelly Brainerd has been riding horses across the streams, through the forests and over the mountains, in the beautiful Catskill Mountains.

Kelly attended Meredith Manor Equestrian School, West Virginia, then headed West to Wyoming where she worked on a trail ranch enjoying the pristine Shoshoni National Forest as her 'office.'

On returning to the East coast she worked at a private farm as Barn Manager, handling all facets of horse care, including being the 'seeing eyes' for a blind horse Zues.

Kelly currently owns two thoroughbred horses. Iin addition to being Mom to her son as well as to her horses, she enjoys lots of mountain air working in the agri-industry for a herbal supply company. In her free time Kelly is now learning basic dressage with a local Grand Prix trainer and looks forward to starting up her four year old Thoroughbred.

Nancie Abuhaidar

Nancie Abuhaidar

At the age of eight, Nancie Abuhaidar was supposed to learn to play tennis. But when her tennis-pro aunt stepped in a gopher hole and broke her ankle, a new plan was needed. Instead of hours on the court, Nancie spent that summer taking riding lessons. And she never stopped.
Since that fateful summer, Nancie has ridden hunters, jumpers, trained with a classical dressage instructor, worked for an equine veterinarian, taught up-down lessons, evented, led trail rides, learned to drive both carriages and sleighs, crewed for a 100 mile endurance race, and completed a competitive trail ride.
Away from the barn, Nancie graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in English and a certificate in International Relations. Still, she divides her time between writing and her passion for horses.
Currently, she lives in Upstate New York with her husband, Ramzi, and their menagerie (three dogs, six cats, three snakes and eight horses). Her goal is to overcome age-induced-adult-amateur-fear syndrome and compete in jumper shows and low-level eventing.


Pat Kitchen

Horse Riding in KenyaPat Kitchen has been riding horses since the age of five at Syosset, Long Island, New York under the tutelage of her mother. Her mother and her sister trained under Cpt. Littauer and her aunt went on to compete in hunter/jumpers and competied at Madison Square Garden.

Pat has lived in many different countries and although her first formal training was in the U.S. in Virginia, she had her first horse while living in Kenya, where she competed in Pony Club and gymkanas.

Her riding teacher was the late Mrs Carles, the only certified riding teacher in Nairobia at the time. Before moving to Kenya Mrs Carles lived in the U.K. and taught at Gordonstoun. She was hand picked the Royal family to teach Prince Philip and Prince Charles to ride!

Pat is mother to a daughter, in addition to her two horses. An ex dressage horse Zeus and a companion mare that she has rescued.