What’s Up at Leatherstocking Veterinary Services
~ CH Staff

What’s Up at Leatherstocking Veterinary Services
~ CH Staff

Apparently there’s quite a lot ‘up’ at Leatherstocking Veterinary Services (LVS). About one hundred mares have been bred up at the clinic this Spring season. Wow. That’s a lot of horse breeding going on. Located in New Berlin, NY the central location of LVS and team of experienced vets on hand make the clinic a popular venue for all things horse breeding.

Catskill Horse spoke with Mary Wust, Director of Marketing for LVS to find out more.

“One of the busiest parts of the practice is our breeding and foaling services during the Spring. We foal out around 40 mares every year and breed over 100. We have three XraysStandardbred stallions currently standing stud at the clinic as well as other stallions that come in for collection. As a USDA Export Center, we collect and ship semen all over the world,” explained Wust.

The breeding season work in addition to the regular daily work means long hours and true dedication are needed and LVS has grown to accommodate a variety of client’s needs.

LVS started in October 2004 with two veterinarians on the team; Dr. Bill Johnson and Dr. Rachel Fraser. It operates in a 50 miles radius of New Berlin and also offers haul in services.
“We operate a haul-in facility and treatment room, so anyone is welcome to call, schedule an appointment and truck their horse in. We have patients haul in from Northern Pennsylvania, Northern New York and the Syracuse area,” Wust stated.

It is not surprising that with the balance of a good team of vets and an area that lacked a fully functioning ambulatory vet program LVS would grow rapidly. There are now six vets on staff in total with the addition of Dr. Christine Schneider, Dr. Andrea Balcom, Dr. Heidi Rivadeneyra and Dr. Kathy Mahon.

Founder Dr. Bill Johnson was quick to respond when asked what made LVS special. “We have a great team of vets, technicians and barn staff who love what they do.”
Dr. Rachel Fraser also expressed her strong feeling for the LVS team,
“We are a tight knit team working together to offer the best medicine over a very diverse case load. Leatherstocking Veterinary Services appreciates their clients. We work for the best people on earth, the animal lovers!”

Laser TherapyWust explained there are further plans for expansion too.
“In the past few years, we have expanded our breeding facilities to include two new barns. We have also expanded our Equine Sports Medicine services and are exploring the possibility of adding an equine surgical suite. We now offer laser therapy, chiropractics and acupuncture. Dr. Andrea Balcom is certified in animal chiropractics and acupuncture.”

Dr. Balcom shared her thoughts on working at LVS.
“I enjoy the work environment where the staff are a fun bunch who like to laugh, and love to work with good clients who appreciate our services.”

AcupunctureLVS services horses of all levels and disciplines, from beloved backyard companion horses to world-class competition horses. The Leatherstocking region of New York is one of the most beautiful farming areas in the center of the state. A variety of animals arrive at LVS as a result, and the practice services large animals of all descriptions including horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goat, pig, alpaca & llama. The LVS vets all enjoy working in the area despite the large driving distances involved.
“I appreciate working with great colleagues and caring clients in a beautiful area, said Dr. Heidi Rivadeneyra.
Dr. Christine Schneider also appreciates the home she has found in the LVS family,
“ I’m happy to work at a practice where I have fun every day and am able to do what I love.” 

When asked for advice on what horse owner’s should be on the look out for at this time of year Mary Wust was keen to share news of Lyme Disease prevention.
“Horse owners should be aware of Lyme Disease. This tick-borne disease causes big problems, so check your horse daily for ticks!
VaccinesVaccinating your horse is also important. We suggest tailoring your vaccination program based on where your horse goes and what their job is. Our veterinarians can help create a custom vaccine protocol based on each individual horse. Prevention is the best medicine.”

We all appreciate that a vet’s life is a busy one and there are several things Wust suggests you do to make their task easier:-

“While our veterinarians pride themselves on their work and care, there are ways clients can help make their jobs easier.
• Be there, prepared and ready for the vet. Have horses caught and ready.
• Restrain your horses properly.
• Of utmost importance is keeping a safe environment for the vet to work with your horse.
• Also, be understanding. Emergencies do happen and our veterinarians will get to you as soon as they can.”
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