Tips To Make Sure Your Modular Log Home Delivery is a Delight Not a Dilemma

Tips To Make Sure Your Modular Log Home Delivery is a Delight Not a Dilemma

You have seen those large rigs barreling down the interstate with someone’s new home on board, dodged them on the side roads and perhaps wondered whether this instant house idea really works. From large luxury modular log homes that magically appear on the hillside to a compound of prefab log cabins at your kid’s summer camp, all these structures are highly transportable and can be moved pretty much anywhere. If you know what you are doing that is!

If you are contemplating finally developing that lovely parcel of land you’ve had in the family for eons and done nothing but occasionally visit for deer hunting or fishing, or hook up your camper to visit in the summer with family, then the prefab or modular option is an excellent way to make that dream a reality. Whether it is a first or second home or a retirement retreat, the array of design options are amazing.

For many folks the idea of their new home being transported over the road is intimidating but delivery day does not have to be stressful. Whatever structure you are moving, from a large log home to a garage, horse barn or kennel, by following a few simple rules before delivery day arrives you can set yourself up for success.

Let’s look at the larger structures, the modular log home or prefab log cabins to learn more about what is involved.

Tips To Make Sure Your Modular Log Home Delivery is a Delight Not a Dilemma

Depending on design, prefab log cabins may be delivered in one piece. Modular log homes may arrive in one piece or may arrive as a giant jigsaw of pieces that will be assembled on site by our professional crew. To set the structure in place successfully, a crane may be required. Obviously the equipment needed to convey the structural elements of the modular log home or the prefab cabin unit will be large, even oversize.

The first aspect to consider is one of access to the site. A company with longevity in the log home building arena will have delivery crews that are experienced navigating a variety of terrain, but clearance distances are essential. These clearances are required under the vehicle, to each side of the load and also above the load.

Here are a few tips from an expert, Senior Project Manager Matt Albrecht, of Zook Cabins, based in Atglen, PA.

CH: What is the most common issue you face when delivering homes that you have to overcome and how do you resolve it?

Matt: Probably the key issue is not having knowledge of what the site conditions are like. We try out best to communicate what we need to have access to the site, and also try to work with the customer to get video or pictures of the site prior to delivery. Here are our standard suggestions for our customers. If you get in front of the issue then you can save everyone a lot of headaches down the road! Pun intended.

    • Truck and trailer can at times be as long as 70′ and therefore we need make sure that there is sufficient room for the driver to get into the site.

    • Your lane needs to be stoned in and free of all mud at the time of delivery.

    • On straight stretches, we need approx. 2′ more space than the cabin’s width, and 14′ of vertical clearance. So check out the cabin styles and floor plans, see the dimensions, and add 2′.

    • On turns in driveways, we need to make sure that there is adequate room to make the turn.

    • Site must be clear of all trees, tree limbs etc, within the area where the modular home kit needs to enter the site.

CH: What do folks most often worry about in regard to delivery and how do you handle their concerns?

Matt: Probably hoping the weather holds up to get the cabin set. We try to communicate the best we can if anything gets changed in our schedule. Zook Cabins is able to deliver year round, but weather can always be a factor. From snow to mud to rain, we are always doing out best to be aware of conditions that sometimes are out of our control.

CH: Most difficult delivery you’ve ever done? What it involved and what you had to do to make it happen.

Matt: Some of the hardest deliveries are getting the cabin up a steep and curved driveway. When access is problematic due to the incline we need bulldozers on site to help pull the cabin up the steep gradient.

Tips To Make Sure Your Modular Log Home Delivery is a Delight Not a Dilemma

CH: What advice would you give a prospective customer that is considering a modular log home or prefab log home purchase in regard to handling the delivery if they select a Zook Cabins structure?

Matt: We appreciate that while we engage in this activity every day and know exactly what is required, for the homeowner their knowledge of what constitutes an accessible entry to the site for the new structure and what doesn’t, can be a cause for sincere concern. We are more than happy to review the site access via videos/photos presented by the client or if necessary a member of the Zook Cabins team will come out to the site and verify the access is viable for the particular log home or prefab cabin delivery and offer suggestions for any necessary improvements.

Whether the turn is too tight or the corner too curvy, the grade too steep or the turnaround space too small, we are able to help you figure it out.

Once your new cabin or log home is on site, our crew efficiently makes all assembly and set up without fuss. Many of our customers are stunned by how quickly the building comes together and is ready for use.

As with many things in life, a well thought out plan will produce a predictable successful result. Please don’t be shy to ask us any questions about delivery. Our wealth of experience is here to go to work for you and will ensure that the entire purchasing process from inception to completion goes smoothly. You can also visit our YouTube channel and view videos of some of our deliveries, including one of a Settler Cabin.

Working with Zook Cabins provides distinct advantages for the purchaser; garners a top quality Amish built log structure direct from the manufacturer who also retails; work directly with the source; utilizes a truly experienced team of professionals.

Here at Zook Cabins we make sure your delivery is a delight, not a disaster or dilemma!

Thanks to Matt for sharing his wealth of experience with Catskill Horse magazine. Find out more about the log homes that Zook Cabins offers and chat directly with Matt Albrecht at 610-595-4650 to guide you through the home buying process including the design and customized features you’d like with lots of helpful suggestions on how to get the job done at a price you can afford. Winter is the perfect time to plan.

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