The Magic of Modular Horse Barns – These Barns Are on A Roll
by Nikki Alvin-Smith

The Magic of Modular Horse Barns – These Barns Are on A Roll

The insanely quick appearance of a fully functional, ready to go horse barn on a farm property is the stuff that dedicated horse owners dream about. The no stress, no fuss approach to construction that the modular model exhibits is a valuable asset to folks with busy lives that appreciate efficiency, a known quantity in terms of quality and a ‘to the penny’ quote for the build.
It is little wonder that the advantages of the factory-built horse barn (or the quick assembly of its component pieces for larger structures such as the 3-to-1 Monitor barn jigsaw), is so popular. They most certainly are on a roll for all the right reasons.

Whatever size or style of horse barn you desire it is readily available. A quick look through a gallery of photos at the leading producer of modular horse barns, Horizon Structures LLC, will inspire many equine aficionados to upgrade, renovate or replace their existing stabling with something better. You can almost smell that lovely new wood aroma as you take a 3-D tour of one of their structures or peruse the abundance of photos provided by their extraordinarily long list of satisfied clients.
While availability of such a fast turnaround and easy set up and delivery to many regions of the country was previously limited, the footprint of Horizon Structures as a visionary company founded by Dave Zook, continues to grow with nationwide (and even Canadian) deliveries now a reality. And it doesn’t seem to matter how hard the journey or route is to accomplish delivery either. The modular horse barns now cross water to islands, the company navigating journeys with the use of commercial ferries and specially chartered boats, so the option to own an Amish built highly crafted horse barn is now more accessible than ever.

The Magic of Modular Horse Barns – These Barns Are on A Roll
Budget and design wise, the styles and designs on offer from modular companies has expanded. While decades ago, modular barn build offerings were more commonly limited to run-in sheds or low-profile horse barns, today the marketplace showcases everything from the very upscale timber frame horse barns that embrace mortise and tenon peg/beam construction to the budget friendly shed-rows, and center aisle barns for which America is renowned across the global equestrian community.

The Magic of Modular Horse Barns – These Barns Are on A Roll
I recall seeing my first Horizon Structures horse barn at the well-regarded horse event, The Equine Affaire eons ago. Held in W. Springfield, MA, each November, this ‘affaire’ offers horse owners in the North-East and beyond, a super opportunity to view new and innovative products and catch deals on their equine winter needs such as horse blankets and human requirements such as a new pair of waterproof barn boots. Horizon Structures is the Barn Sponsor at the event, and after decades of rolling in their horse barns and run-in sheds to the showgrounds their presence has become a familiar vista as visitors explore the massive facility.

My husband and I were impressed with both the construction and craftsmanship of the buildings and the openness with which the Horizon team answered our questions and concerns. This ethic has continued in the company, as the many testimonials directly from folks that have first-hand experience of purchasing Horizon Structures horse barns are kind enough to share with prospective buyers in person, attests.
The Magic of Modular Horse Barns – These Barns Are on A Roll Every year Horizon Structures offers two horse barns and several run-in sheds that are on exhibit at the show, for a discount price with free delivery and set up within 150-mile radius of the W. Springfield event. Not surprisingly with this great offer, both barns have already been snapped up in 2023. But there is still an opportunity to secure a $500 discount off one of the remaining available run-in sheds. Perfect timing for installation before the snow flies, as the delivery takes place immediately following the close of the show.

Today the company has grown leaps and bounds and there are many innovative other product lines in the company’s portfolio, including easy to clean modular commercial and residential kennels that are notable in both their appeal and design.
When you consider the convenience factor of the modular barn simply rolling up to your horse property and almost ‘instantly’ appearing (especially if you buy a smaller stabling option off their sales lot it is super-fast, and discounts are often available) it is a pretty amazing feat. But then when you think about it the Amish built barns of yesteryear have often been picked up and moved by manpower alone when necessary. That ‘can do’ workmanlike attitude is still visible.

The Magic of Modular Horse Barns – These Barns Are on A Roll
It's not surprising that the company began in Lancaster County, with its legacy of Amish barn builds from such a strongly rooted agricultural community. And it is also not too surprising to see that not just horse owners are taking stock of modular builds for their animal housing needs. Whether true Equus such as drafts, warmbloods, mules, donkeys or miniature horses or pigs, goats, alpacas, sheep, chickens, all of God’s creatures great and small deserve to enjoy the safety and security and shelter that a well-built barn can provide.
Shopping online and buying a horse barn or animal housing structure, being able to finance it through carefully selected 3rd party financing options, with clearly written contracts, warranties and professional advice throughout the purchasing experience, is an obviously extremely agreeable choice when it comes to solving a critter housing problem or need.
The steps toward horse barn ownership are simple to take and easy to accomplish. And of course, as with all things, it begins with deciding what you want.

The Magic of Modular Horse Barns – These Barns Are on A Roll

Buyers should always check the ‘standard’ features included in any purchase they make, especially to ensure they are comparing ‘apples to apples’ if shopping between modular build companies.
The enormous variety of upgrades offer a tempting and mesmerizing opportunity to fabricate the barn to suit individual tastes and preferences. When you work with a company such as Horizon Structures that has a stellar and well-earned reputation, you know there is someone at the end of the phone or via email or even on site visits for larger projects, that will address your questions or budget concerns, and work with you to make your dream of owning a new barn an affordable reality.

Questions about site preparation, access issues, timeframes, permits and planning are readily answered and appropriately addressed by the professional team at Horizon. A great comfort to those horse owners who are not well-versed in the details of construction. In some cases, Horizon Structures can even provide site prep services, and they are always ready to help guide property owners through the planning process etc. providing engineer certified plans for a usually nominal extra fee.
The all-in-one spot, one shop appeal of the modular barn build is certainly here to stay. And in all likelihood, Horizon Structures will remain at the top of the list. While their products may not be the cheapest on the market (and let’s face it buying the cheapest option rarely if ever pays long term), the modular builds they put their name on they stand behind with a confidence that is well-placed.

The Magic of Modular Horse Barns – These Barns Are on A Roll