VIP Salute
By CH Staff

Catskill Horse Magazine’s 10th Anniversary issue is here, and with it the awesome opportunity to send out heartfelt thanks from The Merry Band at the Catskill Horse to some very special supporters of this magazine over the years.

At inception of this publication, the mission was always to provide a free resource for horse aficionados and rural lifestyle lovers to bring those with common interests together. We could not have kept this promise without the earnest support of our advertisers.

Please look through and give your support to those that have helped to finance this publication through their generosity. Obviously, we couldn’t list every advertiser, so after much debate among our Merry Band it was determined that our VIP list should include companies or individuals that had helped the most to underwrite this magazine that now reaches over 100,000 readers per month, by advertising for more than 1 year!

In no particular order – here’s the roll call.

Leading Modular Horse Barn Producer Horizon StructuresLeading Modular Horse Barn Producer Horizon Structures

This company has a stellar reputation for building some of the best horse barns around, but did you know the company offers more than horse barns.

Their product lines cover equine hay feeders which are a super way to cut up to 30% off your hay bill; both residential and commercial grade kennels – something for everyone here from the professional dog breeder looking for kennels for large numbers of canines to the pet owner seeking some safety and security for their beloved critters; chicken coops that come with covered runs, collection stations for eggs and mobile units; outdoor living structures that make all the difference to getting the most out of the backyard all year round – a huge variety of structures that complement gardens across the country; greenhouses for the green thumbed among us or those that strive to be; playsets in both wood and vinyl options – the kids are never forgotten at Horizon.

Through the years Horizon Structures has helped educate all of us on many aspects of horse care and how to best manage and set up the horse yard. If you haven’t done so already do check out their blog. It covers all sorts of critters and is a super resource on its own merit.

The near instant set up of a horse barn in your own backyard is an amazing thing and the ‘to the penny’ pricing they provide keeps everyone truly happy with no hidden surprises.

Their customer service team is very experienced and very friendly, and the project management is second to none. In the unlikely event there are any glitches the company doesn’t hesitate to get out to you and resolve the issue quickly, and their financing options are pretty sweet too.

Horizon Structures is the barn sponsor for Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA, and we look forward to visiting them November 10th – 13th 2022 ourselves. Hopefully you will too and let them know you appreciate their support of this free publication. As always, they will have their barns and run-in sheds on sale and on show, though the exhibit barns may have sold already. They do fly off the lot.

D. Michael Price – Artist ExtraordinaireD. Michael Price – Artist Extraordinaire

The magical quality in Michael’s work brings us back to childhood dreams in such a good way. He is a noted artist that many art collectors are very fond of but his works are also available in other formats such as story books for kids and greeting cards.

His most recent exhibition was at Colorscapes in Norwich, New York. There is always a queue at his booth and once you discover the artwork you are not surprised why – just so much detail in every picture that captures your imagination and really brings home the bounties of life.

Check out his book selection for some great Christmas stocking fillers and his Christmas and Solstice cards are simply so beautiful you won’t want to send them out but receiving them is truly a treat.

Leatherstocking Vet ClinicLeatherstocking Vet Clinic – Mary Wust Was Awesome

Catskill Horse was very proud and fortunate to have the support of Mary Wust in her marketing role at Leatherstocking Vet who put our name in front of the team there to garner attention. While we haven’t had them back for a bit since she moved on, meeting their practitioners through the articles was always interesting.

The large animal vet shortage has everyone better appreciating the veterinary services of whoever they use, and the treating your vet with respect is all part of the equation. That topic was superbly covered in a succinct article in when of our early editions by Kim Beach Sanford.

Vets are an important part of the team for any performance rider, and please let them know you appreciated their support of this education-based resource that helps you help your animals!

And if you bump into Dr. Johnson or Dr. Fraser please ask them to consider coming home to Catskill Horse Magazine! We know they are out there. Somewhere.

Stoltzfus Structures – A Company That Truly Has You CoveredStoltzfus Structures – A Company That Truly Has You Covered

From sheds to garages and a whole lot of structures in-between, the Amish quality craftsmanship and huge selection of designs in this Atglen, PA, based company is impressive. Stoltzfus supported our magazine for many years, and we are thankful for that.

As we travel the roads many of us note the sheds offered on sale at various lots, but there is truly no good reason not to go straight to the source. Shopping online is so easy, and Stoltzfus Structures not only offer a big in stock selection of buildings in many colors and styles available for quick delivery right away, but they also offer full-blown customized buildings like 3 car garages for your antique car collection and 2 story structures with lofts above and plenty of workshop or garage space below. And their friendly staff are always on hand to help you with plans and permits.

We thank them for their past support and love this brand.

Willowview Hill Farm – Organically Grown Horse Hay Willowview Hill Farm – Organically Grown Horse Hay and Grand Prix Duo Dressage

A lot has changed at this farm over the years. Willowview Hill Farm has been underwriting part of this publication for the full 10 years and we couldn’t do it without the help.

You may recognize the names here! Latest news on the switch in branding and activities and services the farm offers is happening Spring 2023. Take a look!

As many horse owners are learning, it is estimated that 90% of hay supplies these days are ‘contaminated’ with dry-down agents and preservatives used by producers to expedite curing of the hay. Unfortunately, many of these additive products are not tested for safety on horses, just with cows (if that).

Both organic hay and small square bales are in short supply now and that trend is expected to continue. Willowview Hill Farm is doing their bit to help keep the dream of clean and green hay cured the old-fashioned way – Mother Nature – alive!

Northfield Farm – Happiest Farm EverNorthfield Farm – Happiest Farm Ever

Northfield Farm in Otego, NY, is a PATH certified facility as well as a regular boarding and lesson barn. Owners Will and Anneliese Gilchrest have grown their enterprise over the years to include many new buildings such as a beautiful indoor arena, new run-in sheds and there are lots of trails on hand for relaxing rides out and about too.

Over the years the Gilchrests have not just developed their business, but also their family has grown too. Their daughter Amaya is a super rider that just started college to follow a career in nursing though there is little doubt her special way with horses will continue to be a huge part of her life in the future.

Many of The Merry Band at the Catskill Horse have attended events at Northfield Farm, and it is well respected not just for the attention and care the animals are given, but also the wonderful friendly and supportive environment that is provided to each and every patron, no matter their age or abilities.

A big shout out to Northfield Farm as a great example of how to run a horse facility the right way with a true community spirit.

Horseman's LabHorsemen’s Laboratory – They’ve Taught Us A Lot About Parasite Control

Dr. John Byrd was the visionary founder of this company. His expertise in worm control in horses and their environment is knowledge that he has keenly shared with us all over the years and his laboratory where you can simply mail in an equine fecal sample for worm count checks and treatment advice is still a very useful adjunct service to regular veterinary visits at the local level.

The business was purchased by long time employee Ivy Lewis is 2014 and it continues it full range of parasitic diagnosis in horses’ fecal samples, and Dr. Byrd is always up for a consultation too.

A true pioneer in the horse care industry that took a medical issue and made its diagnosis and understanding available to everyone, wherever they lived – Dr. Byrd is one of those guys you just love chatting with because he teaches you so much in such a kind and pleasant manner.
A true Mid-Western gentleman!

Facebook Northeast NursemsresNortheast Nursemares – Kindest Possible Approach to Orphan Foal Care
Owner Laura Phoenix is well-known and respected a horsewoman in barrel racing circles, but her adjunct business of providing nursemares without producing a foal to be left behind while Momma went off to provide milk and care to a ‘valuable’ foal elsewhere was a ground-breaking business idea that has really taken hold. Today Laura is established in Kentucky, (Nursemares of Kentucky) a state renowned for farms that breed Thoroughbred horses and an industry that is the highest single discipline to utilize nursemare services.
This born and bred Delaware County, NY gal has made a real difference in the lives of horses and their owners across the country and has shown great leadership and fortitude throughout. It’s hard to believe there are still folks that operate in the business using the old-fashioned and cruel method of producing foals to be thrown away. Phoenix met harsh resistance to her business when she began, but she persevered. Phoenix is aptly named, as indeed many orphan foals have been saved by her astute abilities to get a mare to take an orphan foal to suckle.
Catskill Horse Magazine was very happy to help her get the word out and do their small part early on in getting her valuable services appreciated and utilized.

The Horse Studio – A Multimedia Production Hub That Goes The Extra Mile
This company is another major underwriter of Catskill Horse Magazine. A stalwart supporter of our community-based resource that of course has grown exponentially since to cover the Eastern Seaboard of the USA, The Horse Studio was well known for many years for its online ‘International Equestrian Shop” that offered innovative products procured from worldwide markets and brought into the U.S.A. to add unique and high-quality tack, equipment, and clothing to the equestrian tableau.
The focus of the company has since evolved and shifted to media production, and today the company produces content for the pet and equine industry across a spectrum of services that include content writing, advertorial help, website design, film, and video productions and much more.
If you have a business you’d like to take to the next level reach out to them. And don’t forget to let them know you saw them here!

Zook Cabins – That Rural Lifestyle Icon, The Log CabinZook Cabins – That Rural Lifestyle Icon, The Log Cabin

For several years Catskill Horse was blessed to receive the support of Zook Cabins. The enterprising and visionary mind of Dave Zook was instrumental in bringing us to the table with this company.

Log cabins are of course the most traditional build known in the U.S.A. and the variety of styles and designs that Zook Cabin offers is extensive. As with any construction the log cabin requires planning and forethought. Working with Zook Cabins for your new abode is very straightforward and the project management and customer service they offer is well-respected in the industry.

Don’t be shy to visit their website for lots of inspiration for your rural lifestyle loving needs – a log home offers a bounty of benefits and the Zook Cabins team are experienced professionals that will guide you through the straightforward process from start to finish.

Matrix Therapy ProductsMatrix Therapy Products – Sound Practices

A fascinating science that is not NEMF is Soundwave Massage – and Matrix Therapy Products offers solutions for all sorts of horse health care that is truly healthy and that works. Integrity and company ethics don’t always go hand in hand but with this business they truly do, and there is a wealth of information on all sorts of alternative care options within the product lines here.

Bringing innovative and perhaps less broadband companies that we believe in to the fore has always been a mission for The Merry Band at the Catskill Horse, and the advertising support we received from Matrix notwithstanding, their products and modalities of treatment along with their integrity offer innovative solutions to believe in.


VLM dressageVLM Dressage and Sporthorses – Making A Difference

Based in Rome, NY, Valerie McCloskey runs Whisperwind Equestrian Center and her business entrepreneurial skills have extended in recent years to include horse care services such as saddle fitting.

McCloskey is an all-round seasoned trainer with a fondness for dressage training and works with all breeds of horses for rehabilitation, re-training and performance needs and alos offers clinics from time to time at her beautiful facility.

Her support of Catskill Horse Magazine by both her businesses was much appreciated by the staff here and we all wish her the very best with her future endeavors.


LAST! And By No Means Least. Our Publisher: Horse In A Kilt Media

Our wonderful publisher with their ‘Hamish the Horse’ mascot/logo has become well-known and respected in the world of horses and all things equestrian. Do you think his Queen Elizabeth Guard colored kilt is the reason? Perhaps not. But Horse in a Kilt Media has worked with royalty!

Horse in a Kilt Media provides content writing for a myriad of publications and businesses across the globe. But is also proud to have achieved recognition in a broader market space, including providing PR/Marketing services for movie celebrities, travel magazines and the hospitality industry.

Horse in a Kilt Media has of course been the main underwriter of the production costs for the Catskill Horse Magazine for the past 10 years.

Thanks to All!

The success of the magazine has been down to not just the super support band that has joined The Merry Band at the Catskill Horse that have made our VIP list due to their long-standing support. Every single advertiser in the history of the magazine has helped to keep it going and to develop. And the Catskill Horse team is very grateful for every one of you.

It has also been achieved on the shoulders of the volunteer writing staff that provide copy and editing services. Contributors are not limited to the regular staff list of course, and to each and every one of them the Catskill Horse brigade is also grateful.

Please keep all our advertisers in the forefront of your minds when searching for services and let them know their help keeping this publication free for you to read and enjoy is appreciated.

Here’s to the next 10 years!