Dreaming Of A New Horse Barn? Springboard Into Action Using The Recently Published “Project Showcase” Advantage
By Nikki Alvin-Smith

There are so many choices out there for horse barn designs that an ambitious horse owner could be forgiven for being confused as to where to start. Selection of a horse barn based on what you know or have seen around is not always the best route to designing your dream horse barn.

Style selection offers fit and function to the individual needs of the horse owner. Local climate, breeds of horses to be housed, amount of time the horse owner wants to spend completing daily chores around the farm, lifestyle of the equine contingent and many more questions all need to be addressed in the horse barn build.

The biggest obstacle for most people in making their dream barn a reality is money. Budget constraints will necessarily mean optimizing the structure for present needs with a keen eye to the future without going overboard on the spend. Larger companies do offer financing, but there is always a good reason to cap the spend and have a clear fixed price in writing before the construction begins.

What if there was one place where you could go and see barns of all shapes and sizes, located in all sorts of environments around the U.S.A., view the photos, see plans and footprints, and even speak directly with their present owners. And what if you saw one of those barns that you liked and could buy it online and have it delivered for a ‘to the penny’ price to your door and set up ready to use in a few easy steps? Or customize it further to add your own touch with a menu of priced otpions?

Project Showcase

Leading modular horse barn producer Horizon Structures LLC has elevated the shopping experience for the property owner by providing an unprecedented rich resource called “Project Showcase” at their website, freely available access for everyone, that offers everything mentioned above. In addition to their popular “Barn Finder” page, where visitors can quickly locate barns in their respective neighborhoods and contact the owners to find out first-hand how their purchasing experience and ultimate satisfaction with their barn project worked out, this extensive digital insight offers the equine aficionado inspiration and ideas in horse barn design all in one place.

The company offers delivery of all their horse barns nationwide. Aside from the specialist knowledge in horse structures that this well-respected firm is renowned for, there are other buildings in their extensive portfolio of builds that extend to commercial and residential kennels, outdoor living structures, coops and playsets. But horse housing havens have always been at the heart of their business operation.

Horizon Structures has been in the barn building business for more than a decade and their Project Showcase details this legacy with an abundance of horse barn designs extrapolated from the heritage the company has diligently accumulated over the years.

For the visitor to the website, the plentiful choices on offer could be hard to navigate but a handy search tool feature mitigates the potential problem as it allows fast selection from the vast array of completed horse structure projects choosing by location, number of stalls, barn sizes, barn types with or without overhang option.

L-Shaped Barn withn Overhang

L-Shaped Barn Blueprint

Assimilating this information and organizing it into a coherent structure has been a massive undertaking. Horizon Structures extensive portfolio of Amish crafted barns has a broadband appeal as it encompasses everything from a humble run-in shed to elite equestrian complexes and everything in-between.

Horizon’s veteran C.M.O. Jill Siragusa, is responsible for the careful collation, edit and design of the showcase.

Jill Siragusa“It always gives me great pleasure to hear from our customers and to receive photos of their horses, mules, donkeys or other animals enjoying the shelter and safety of one of our horse barns. Our team works so hard to provide a consistently great product and purchasing experience and it is lovely to know that our efforts have made a positive difference in the lives of horses and humans. I believe our unique project showcase will provide horse owners with a valuable resource to help them make the best choice for their individual horse barn needs. Whether it is a low profile 2-stall barn with storage or a 20-stall high profile barn with loft, there is something to suit every budget and preference,” said Siragusa.

Founder of Horizon Structures, Dave Zook, has always believed in building trust through transparency:

“Building a horse barn or any of the other structures we offer for that matter, is a responsibility we take very seriously. Naturally we want our clients to enjoy a fabulous shopping experience and explore the full spectrum of all the designs and styles Horizon offers, but we also believe that you are only as good as your last build. Building a horse barn is a collaborative effort and our team always seeks to offer the best possible partnership to our customers throughout and after the process.”

36x20 Monitor Barn

36x20 Monitor Barn Blueprint

Of course, for some people there is nothing better than ‘kicking the kickboards’ and shopping for a barn in person. To address this need Horizon Structures exhibits and sponsored events around the country where their Outside Sales Specialist, Brad Zeigler is often leading the project. Zeigler’s friendly disposition and developed sense of humor is always popular with visitors and he dispenses down to earth advice for any horse building project with a keen intelligence.

For example, you can find a sampling of Horizon’s barns on show annually at such popular venues as The Equine Affaire, Springfield MA., where Horizon Structures is the official barn sponsor.

Special discounts on horse barns and run-in sheds are always available prior to and sometimes at these events.

Next on the calendar for Zeigler and his team, is the 19th Annual Event Horse World Expo 2022, March 3-6th at Harrisburg, PA.. On offer is a beautiful 12’ x 20’ 2-stall barn with tack room, overhang and Dutch doors available for purchase at discount pricing (which can be done prior to the show). If ordered before February 1st, a $1000 discount is included plus free freight within 100 miles of Harrisburg location with delivery taken on March 7th at the close of the show.

12x20 Horse Barn with Overhang

12x20 2 Horse Barn Blueprint

Whatever your dream barn looks like, and wherever you find it, a browse through the Project Showcase is a ‘must do.’ It is truly something not to be missed. While a new horse barn is only in the imagination until that inspiration is turned into creation, taking action to make that transition successfully is just a few strokes of the keyboard away.

Center Aisle High Profile Barn

Center Aisle High Profile Barn