Bringing Back Artisan Barn Design
By Nikki Alvin-Smith

The new ‘darling’ in horse barn design is an innovative idea from the USA’s leading modular barn construction company Horizon Structures L.L.C.

The company is currently marketing a barn that offers the best of both worlds, the old and the new, the antique and the modern, the traditional and the progressive.

Innovative craftsmanship that can combine the strongest form of joinery known to the master carpenter, the legendary mortise and tenon, with a factory component of modular magic, is indeed something to celebrate.

During ConstructionThe ‘peg and beam’ of mortise and tenon is extremely popular in house building and peg and beam homes are at the top end of the market when it comes to their price per square foot and luxury feel. The pleasing aesthetic of beautifully carved wood beams is not unhinged with ugly metal plates and fasteners, bolts or nail in the timber peg build.

These structures offer the occupant a ‘warm hug’ with their spacious cathedral ceilings and substantive timbers cross-crossing the space with soft colors and arching construction.

Horse owners that seek to revisit the barns of the past and embrace not just the traditional style and appeal of the timber frame construction but also appreciate its strength and longevity, were tasked with the need to address a huge spend to secure such an artisan horse housing building. Now there is another option.

The hybrid design of two modular bases to form each side of a center aisle barn upon which a mortise and tenon or peg and beam construction is anchored, is a much appreciated mix of old and new that provides the sincere advantages of both.

Important to consider when reviewing pricing and purchase of any timber building, is the quality of the wood being used. The core or heartwood of a tree, offers optimal strength and maximizes the beauty of the wood with minimal knots or likelihood of warping. Horizon Structures’ utilizes the core for their timber frame construction, versus other manufacturers that may cut costs by opting for second or third grade timber materials.

Everyone knows that construction sites offer much mess, noise and stress to any environment. For property owners that are on site, the idea of multiple material deliveries up and down the driveway, blowing plastic and debris and errant nails finding their way via gravity to the ground where horses or pets may tread in the future or a car may be parked, and the general melee that comes with a construction crew for weeks, months or even years at a time is not one they appreciate. For the horse owner, rider/trainer the idea of sharing their space with these sincere annoyances is especially unwelcome.

During Construction

Horse owners appreciate a harmonious, peaceful environment in which to ride and train their equine charges that is unfettered by issues with noise and potential for upset of their large critters of flight.

Horizon Structures’ timber frame barns offer a simple solution as construction is completed in large part at the factory locations (they currently have several nationwide locations to service their busy horse barn, kennel, coop and outdoor living structure business).

Bringing Back Artisan Barn Design

Once the foundation of the barn is completed, it can be easily transported to the site and set up in a matter of days. The secondary part of the build encompasses the roof, rafters, overhangs, loft floors etc., is constructed by the crew on site. These parts arrive en masse on another truck and are pre-crafted just as timber frame homes are built, as a giant jigsaw that comes miraculously together to provide an impressive architectural structure.

The entire process on site only takes a total of 5-6 days on average to complete. The barn is ready to use right away. A sincere advantage to the horse biz owner that wants to bring in horses for training, lessons or boarding to begin making money as soon as possible.

Horizon Structures’ takes everything several steps further. The company offers financing through a 3rd party for those in need of access to cash, provides exceptional warranties and lays everything out clearly in a ‘to the penny’ quote that includes everything from factory build to freight to finish.

Timberframes Barn-Loft

Additionally the staff at Horizon Structures’ are well versed not just in custom features and design components of barn building, they are also experienced in horse ownership and horse care needs too. The company provides a transparent testimonial resource where prospective purchasers can connect in real time directly with previous clients of the company to ask questions of their buying experience one on one. This offers a testament to the confidence that the company has in its products and customer service.

For those contemplating a barn build for their property for any purpose, the Horizon Structures’ timber frame offers an attractive price point lower than that of other manufacturers in the market, with a keen advantage on timeline and a positive purchasing experience. Well worth a hard look!

Timberframe Barn