You Bring The Horses In Need ~ They Can Bring The Horse Barn

You Bring The Horses In Need ~ They Can Bring The Horse Barn

The trials and tribulations of running an equine rescue are many. There are always too many horses in need with too little shelter and sanctuary available to address the dilemmas of equine neglect, abuse and abandonment.

Folks that operate horse rescues are constantly striving to find volunteers to help with equine care, funding to feed and nurture the animals, and help to retrain and rehabilitate the horses that arrive with their varietal veterinary and behavioral issues.

It is said that the best thing anyone can do for a horse is give it a good education. This way wherever the horse lands in the future, it will have an understanding of the demands that its human partner may force upon it in the future. There’s no doubt that is true. But it is seemingly and sadly inevitable, that however much care you take in placing your horse in the best forever home possible, unforeseen circumstances can occur which alter the ownership and ultimate well-being of the horse.

Leading modular horse barn company Horizon Structures, based in Atglen, PA, offers nationwide delivery of a plentitude of building designs and works with a multitude of horse rescues across the country. The ability to factory build, then transport and set up on site a variety of sized and shaped horse housing, is a useful method for busy horse rescue operators to attain an instant horse shelter.

There are many means that budget strapped sanctuary and rescue organizations can utilize to accomplish more housing availability for their animals’ needs. Here’s a spotlight on how Horizon Structures can and does help.

“We host auctions on our Facebook and Instagram pages where folks can bid on a specific run-in shed. This is a great way for people to save money on a new building. For example in May 2020, Arthur’s Acres secured the winning bid on a run-in shed on offer and because they were also the recipient of the most number of recommendations as a deserving rescue, they additionally won a $500 cash prize. They had recently lost their barn in a fire so the timing of their double win was much appreciated by their owner,” explained Jill Siragusa, Chief Marketing Officer at Horizon Structures.

A great opportunity to secure a run-in shed or horse barn for free is also offered via Horizon Structures Giveaway Contests. Usually run in the Fall, these competitions have been held for the past three years.

Ashley Nelms, of Flare Oaks Rescue was the lucky recipient of one of these contests and secured a free run-in shed, and just like Arthur Acres Animal Sanctuary, their need was dire as Hurricane Florence had taken out their current shelter.

Horizon Structures Run-In Shed

As luck would have it, between her very busy schedule taking care of her 65 rescue animals, Nelms found time to enter the 2018 Horizon Structures Sweepstakes Contest. She was announced the winner at a random drawing completed by Olympians Boyd Martin and Phillip Dutton. The 25 finalists in the contest all had equally deserving stories, and for Flare Oaks Rescue of Harnett County, it was a kismet moment.

“I was beyond thrilled to hear we had won the run-in shed. To know we will have a sturdy structure to shelter our rescues is a great comfort,” said Nelms, when she heard the good news.

Another example of how many equine businesses give back to the equestrian community was the Barnfest 2020 Contest that just closed for entries. The $18200 prize was anchored with the donation of not a run-in shed this time, but 12’ x 20’ Horizon Structures horse barn replete with 2 stalls, a storage space/tack room and an overhang. But that isn’t all. Prizes were also contributed by Purina Animal Nutrition, Farnam®, Lami-Cell® and EQUUS/AIM Media. Collaboration from multiple equine based businesses made possible a variety of prizes.

Horse Barn Plan

An overwhelming number of entries made the selection of the final ten especially difficult. Many entrants noted the keen need for rescue to have the horse barn for use as a quarantine structure. Entrants of the contest nominated their favorite 501(c)3 registered horse rescue organization for the $18200 prize. The nominator of the winning rescue to be announced mid-January, will also receive a package prize themselves. Truly a win/win situation.

You can see top 10 finalists announcement here.

Interestingly, and somewhat surprisingly, despite these contests being advertised across social media and in print in some of the largest names in the equestrian media world, folks posted that they had missed news of the competition.

Prize Package

“We do what we can to get the message out about what we are doing to help out rescues and obviously welcome everyone to participate. It’s a shame when people miss out on the opportunity to enter for their chance to win these prizes and take advantage of money saving offers,” said Siragusa.

Indeed horse rescue owners and their army of volunteers are often so busy keeping up the arduous business of taking care of their equine charges, that it is all to easy for them to fail to take advantage of deals that exist. Sometimes even after an organization has been entered to win a free prize and the person notified they are on the shortlist, the individual fails to connect to the next step.

If you run a horse rescue it’s a good idea to nominate someone to keep abreast of social media and follow companies that regularly participate in helping out horses in need. It is also smart to sign up for news from initiatives such as The Right Horse, and welfare organizations like Brennan Equine Welfare Fund. These resources are key connections that can bring grant money and extra help for emergency needs and offer many ancillary contacts that can alleviate budget worries and help a horse rescue extend its reach and be successful.

Fundraising efforts are an ongoing part of daily life for horse rescues but saving money can be just as significant when it comes to watching the bottom line.
Too often business owners watch the income without paying due attention to the outgoing expenses. It’s also wise for a horse rescue operator to engage an accountant that is experienced in equine business and special tax laws particular to registered charity organizations, as their shared knowledge can make a big impact on garnering the best possible benefits that are available both on the federal and state level.

You Bring The Horses In Need ~ They Can Bring The Horse Barn

The set up costs and experience required to set up a horse rescue as a registered 501(c)3 may seem intimidating at first, but are actually fairly straightforward once you get into it. It is well worth the effort because it will not just protect you from liability issues down the road, it also provides trust and confidence to the general public in what you are doing and most importantly, how their donations are used.

“ Our team at Horizon Structures is always extra pleased to work with a rescue to secure shelter for the horses that arrive into their care. It seems there is a never-ending stream of neglected or abandoned animals needing help. Being able to contribute in a small way toward providing a building for a rescue organization is always a poignant reminder that it is up to us all to do our bit to make a difference,” said lifetime horsewoman Siragusa.

Indeed it seems to be the case, “ If you bring the horses in need. Horizon Structures can bring the barn.” Financing options, multiple purchase discounts, prizes for national equine retraining programs, barn giveaway contests, auctions on social media are just a few of the ways they go about it. Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletters. It’s the easiest way to be in the know!