Unique Horse Barn Styles
By Nikki Alvin-Smith

Unique Horse Barn Styles

Good things can definitely be found in well-designed small packages and horse barns are no exception. A horse barn with a relatively small footprint, just 20’ by 20’ feet, can provide stabling for 2 horses and provide a tack/feed room area to keep supplies safe and secure.

Today’s modern modular construction methods make placement of the building very straightforward, and with its compact design the ‘square’ barn will fit into the corner of the paddock with ease. We spoke with Jill Siragusa, Chief Marketing Officer at one of the country’s most popular and well-known modular horse barn building companies, Horizon Structures L.L.C., to find out why else these barns are so popular with backyard horse owners.

“Our customer’s needs are as varied as the array of horse barn designs we offer. The beauty of the 20’ x 20’ barn, is that stalls and storage are neatly positioned together in one place. The overhang area gives a place to work and shelter, and a feeling of space, the two stalls are a good size for most horses at 10’ x 12’ each, and the storage means morning and evening feeding supplies or tack needed for a ride are all conveniently at hand,” explained Siragusa.

Like many of the team at Horizon Structures, Siragusa is a seasoned horse owner that also works full-time.

“When you are in your morning rush to get ready for the commute to work, it’s handy to be able to work deftly through morning chores. Greet your horses and turn them out, follow the feeding regime and lock up everything safe and secure when you leave.”

It’s true that horses will inevitably raid a grain bin if they can get to it so the ability to lock up food supplies is a good idea. When you have the urge to hop on for a ride, running back and forth to the house for saddle, bridle and grooming supplies is a pain. It’s also easy to get roped into doing something other in the home when you have to pop back in to the house to fetch something. When naturally all you want to do is spend time with your horse.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in the numbers of folks wishing to bring their horses home in 2020. Of course it has much to do with the Covid crisis. No-one wants to be at the mercy of government restrictions that limit access to their beloved horses. After all horses are the ones that keep us sane during stressful times by providing such emotional support. We also want to keep continuity in our relationship with our horses. They know their ‘person’, and substitutions on a temporary basis are fine, but no horse owner wants to be apart from their equine partners for too long,” said Siragusa.

Amish crafted horse barns are world renowned for their workmanship and durability. The crews at Horizon Structures are working tirelessly to supply the increased demand for their modular and prefabricated horse barns. Thankfully, with the large factory floor and stock of materials on hand, weather or supply chains are not cause for delay. Although it is true that the usual maximum timeframe of 10-12 weeks from ordering to delivery has been pushed further out than usual, due to the upsurge in purchases of horse barns across their product lines.

Horse barns on offer run the gamut price wise, and the backyard horse owner’s budget may not be as bountiful as a commercial farm operator. Budget and financing needs are something that Horizon Structures has always addressed.

“The beauty of the square horse barn, is that it is a budget friendly way to combine both stabling and some storage in one unit. We offer financing options to help people defray the initial expense, and provide a host of options when it comes to materials being used for siding, roofing and finishing touches like cupolas and weathervanes. Just because the barn is not huge, doesn’t mean folks have to compromise on making it pretty as well as functional.

Inside View

Low maintenance siding options, new age wood stains that provide protection and perform for 15 years, roof options of metal or shingle, mean our clients can personalize our standard builds such as the 20’ x 20’ barn to suit their own tastes,” states Siragusa.

When asked what other budget friendly horse barn designs a horse owner should consider, Siragusa pointed out a quick way to double up your interior space with an overhang.

“It simply begins with a roomy 10’ x 40’ shedrow and add an overhang. Next the overhang is enclosed and windows are installed down the long side to flood the interior with natural light. Sliding doors are placed at each end of the barn and voila! You have a 20’ x 40’ horse barn with plenty of room to work on your horses. It really is an outstanding method to gain interior shelter and space at a relatively low cost. Many of our clients have adopted this style of barn and love the light and airy feel it provides, while still offering sincere shelter during hot summer days and windy, wet weather. A window placed opposite each stall can provide a super cross flow of air from the stall window, to create great passive ventilation during hot weather.”

20'x40' Barn

While extending an overhang more than 4’ will require support columns that will necessitate additional site prep prior to delivery of the barn, the end result is well worth it.

Horizon Structures are well known in the equestrian industry not just for providing great construction for horse owners, but also for their mission to give back to the equine industry they serve.

“This will be the 3rd consecutive year that we’ve gifted a horse building with our Sweepstakes program,” Siragusa was delighted to explain. “ This year we’ve upped the program even further, and instead of a run-in shed Horizon Structures will be giving away a 20’ x 20’ horse barn. The contest is a little different this year to the past two, as entrants for this competition will be nominating a horse rescue of their choice to win the horse barn rather than people entering for themselves. While the randomly selected winning nominee will receive the actual barn, the folks that participate by nominating a rescue will also be entered for various prizes along the way and the person whose rescue is ultimately selected, garners a special prize.

20'x40' Barn

Additionally this year instead of cantering into this contest alone, Horizon Structures is collaborating with Purina, who will provide a feed supply donation to the rescue for a whole year plus other secondary sponsors who will furnish lots of valuable prizes for the folks entering to the contest.

20'x20' Barn

While we have had rescues win our run-in shed contest before, such as Flare Oaks Rescue in North Carolina, this year the focus will be entirely on providing help to horses in need.”

Watch this space! Catskill Horse magazine will announce details of the ‘Barnfest’ contest when they are available on October 19th, 2020, the anticipated opening day for the sweepstakes.

Meantime, if you are one of the many horse owners that seek to bring your horses home or wish to extend your boarding barn stabling or horse farm storage structures, don’t forget to visit Horizon Structures to see what’s available to fulfill your dream of a new horse barn.