Multi-Car Garage ~ Car Collector’s Dream
By Nikki Alvin-Smith

Multi-Car Garage ~ Car Collector’s Dream

The dream for every auto aficionado, is to have a clean, dry environment in which to keep all their antique and collectible cars. This doesn’t mean that the daily driver and family packer vehicles don’t also warrant a roof above their heads. If you love cars, then you love seeing them safely stored away from the elements and protected from errant damage that may be caused by delivery trucks or kids playing on bikes. A garage also provides a readymade workshop space to store tools and equipment, some of which is extremely expensive and needs to be kept secure also.

The car connoisseur likely prefers to spend any spare hours they have available working, waxing and polishing their charges, not worrying over designing a garage or even building the structure themselves. Who has time for that?

Car Housing

In today’s world, implementation of a well-designed car housing building does not have to be time consuming or difficult to accomplish. Modular construction companies offer a huge array of options for multi-car garages, and the choice in colors and styles is as varietal as the cars on the road.

In many instances the purchase of a garage can be financed through a 3rd party that works with the modular construction company, and as a garage provided added value to your property, it is an investment that will not only give much daily pleasure to own, it will also improve the saleability of your home if you decide to sell in the future.


Lofty Designs

When you put a shedrow of garages together the notion of utilizing the loft space above is an attractive one. Dormer windows that break up the roofline can provide natural light and add an aesthetic appeal when you view the structure from your home or garden.

Multi-Car Garage with Loft

It is always cheaper to build up than out, and the loft can be used for storage but it does lessen the airflow at ground level.

At the gable end of the building a deck/balcony and exterior staircase can be added as a recreational space to host friends and family.

A loft can be completed that does not cover the entire footprint of the building. The advantage of a partial loft is that you can utilize one of the taller garage spaces to add a functional lift if you plan to work on the cars yourself.

Plan Ahead With Door Heights and Size

You may collect roadsters now, but it’s likely not all your vehicles are the same height if you include the daily drivers. Pick up trucks sheltered inside from snowfall in their beds, the ability to not have to unload shopping or building materials from the pick up if it starts to rain, and the opportunity to house the family SUV should all be considered in the design especially in regard to the width and height of the doors.

Multiple Entrances

Also consider that if access doors are not placed at the gable end of the structure, then run-off of rain/water and ice melt/snow sliding down the roof may impede access to the building.

It is always prudent to add a person size door to the structure for quick daily access.

If you’ve ever taken an expensive wing mirror of a modern day pick up truck attempting to back out the garage then you also know the importance of adequate turning space outside the building. The tighter the turn the more likely it is a mistake can be made. Sure. You’re a great driver, but what about other family members!

It is easy to overlook the importance of roof height especially the height of the soffits where the roofline is at its lowest point. A tall delivery truck that attempts to turn around can easily catch the corner point of the roof by accident. Try to site your building with either limited access to others or keep the gable end of the building facing the driveway/access/turnaround.

Service Access

It is likely you will want both water and electricity service to the building. For washing cars you will most likely pull the cars out of the building and you won’t want them sitting in the sun for waxing and care routines, so consider access for services and sun direction.

Open Span Advantage

When you work with an experienced garage design company you have the advantage of their technical drafting services. Open span interior spaces can make moving vehicles and rolling toolboxes much easier and provide better ventilation and light within the building.

Inside View

It Pays To Work Directly With The Source

Whatever structure you are building on your property it pays to work directly with the source for best options and pricing. We spoke with Jonathan Zook at Stoltzfus Structures, a leading prefab and modular construction company that has been in business for 45 years, to find out what buyer’s should ask about before making a garage purchase.

“Experience in any business counts when it comes to delivering a great end product. Our in house drafting expertise means prospective clients can have their garage designed just as they want it. Of course we are happy to lend a hand and help guide them to make the best decisions for their individual needs and present ideas perhaps they haven’t thought about.

Before you make a purchase do your due diligence and find out what other customers’ experiences have been with the company. Also ask about 3rd party financing options and warranties.

We are a family business, and together with my father and my three brothers, Dave, Peter and Mark, we are continuing my father’s legacy into future generations following the same ethics that we always have – a great product and a positive purchasing experience for our customers. That is very important to us all.”

Jonathan and his family not only produce garages, but also sheds, kennels
(including a very highly sought after commercial line), and outdoor living structures such as gazebos, pergolas and pavilions. A one stop shop if you will for everything structure.

Give the friendly team at Stoltfuz Structures a call at 610 595 4724 or visit their website. There are lots of choices from carriage style to mega garages, to single and double garage designs. Take a look. You won’t be disappointed.