Light Up Your Life With A Sunroom
By Nikki Alvin-Smith

Light Up Your Life With A Sunroom

If you find yourself in the doldrums during winter you are not alone. Shorter days offer limited amounts of natural light. Humans are hugely affected by the ratio of light and dark hours in each 24 hours.

Natural light offers several health benefits to humans. The amount of light and darkness in each day affects the body’s circadian rhythm, its internal clock. This clock governs many body processes including the release of certain hormones, digestion and body temperature. It is the environment that cues our body clock in each 24 hour period and sunlight, the amount of light and dark hours as well as when we eat all chime in to keep us on track. Alert and happy during the day, and ready to relax and sleep during the night. The benefits of consistent nights of quality sleep cannot be overstated and artificial light before bed and at night can even increase the risk for cancer, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

During winter when folks receive limited amounts of sunlight, depression can set in. Known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, the science world believes that the amount of the hormone serotonin that is released to the body is the cause of the disorder. In days of less sunshine, less of this ‘happy’ hormone is released and depression ensues.

So actively sourcing sunlight, especially in the morning hours and provision of natural light during the day will keep everyone happier. It makes sense that adding a space to your home where you can achieve more exposure to natural light will improve the quality of your life and that of your family.

Natural light is also beneficial for completing any visual task such as reading and writing.

Inside a Sunroom

Not all homes are built with large windows that flood the home with natural light each day. Many older homes have small windows to ward off the cold during winter months and back in the day glass was a status symbol as it was so expensive. Only the wealthy enjoyed large palatial windows.

In countries like Britain and regions like Scandinavia, the persistent rain and grey skies and long winter months provide a challenge for the sunlight seeking human. The addition of a conservatory, solarium or sunroom has become increasingly popular. Sometimes a separate structure is added just for the purpose of spending time in an inside/outside environment, for solace and for entertainment.

During summer months the sunroom can provide protection from the negative environmental impact of flies and bugs, pollen and dust, and noise from roads and neighbors. The feeling of actually ‘inhabiting’ and living outside, can be accomplished by placement of the right size studio or sunroom space. The space can be air-conditioned or heated as required and being able to enjoy the outside while being in a clean environment can be the perfect solution to the need for a pleasant workspace.

So having established all the benefits of owning your own sunroom, what options do you have for making that dream a reality.

Prefabricated sunrooms are one of the quickest and most economical ways to add this space to your property. As all the work is completed at the factory there are no weather or time delays to worry about in production and no site mess to clean up. Insulation, electrical circuits and finished surfaces all arrive in a tidy package and are ready for immediate use. And you don’t have to lift a hammer or paintbrush.

Outside View of a Sunroom

Set up is quick and easy and with the use of a clever device called a ‘mule’ an experienced prefab construction company can access even the tightest of spaces, to set the sunroom just where you want it. Site preparation is minimal. The array of choices in design, style and color available to match or complement your existing buildings on the property are extensive, especially if you smartly source directly from the manufacturer.

Key features to look for in your new sunroom are excellent craftsmanship and quality materials. Not all structures are created equal so look for both before buying. If you work with a large manufacturer, such as Stoltzfus Structures based in Atglen, PA, you will have a massive choice of sunrooms and also benefit from their top quality Amish craftsmanship.

Individual preferences can be addressed in terms of style and color and a completely finished interior with wood grain vinyl over insulated floors, fiberglass house doors that keep the building secure and still provide light with 15-lite glass, tongue and groove pine interiors and a variety of roof styles, ceiling fans and exterior lights and interior lights, outlets can all be included.

Don’t forget to ask about financing options so you can enjoy the benefits of a sunroom now, and lot liquidation options can help keep you on budget if you are flexible on the design.

The sunroom offers the perfect solution to the winter blues. Why not bring one home and gift you and your family better health.

Sunroom Front View