A Simple Solution For Building A Complex Horse Farm
By Nikki Alvin-Smith

A Simple Solution For Building A Complex Horse Farm

The task of developing a horse farm from scratch is not one to be taken lightly. The multi-use equestrian facility, whether it is a racehorse and/or breeding farm, an equestrian training facility or a summer camp, requires careful planning. This is especially true if you desire to stay on budget!

The simple solution is to utilize the ‘mix and match modular structure solution’. Amazingly, leading manufacturers of prefab and modular construction offer a vast array of types of structures, all of which can be delivered and set up quickly, with little mess and no fuss. These choices don’t just include horse barns of every style and design, but also other necessary buildings a large equine facility requires such as storage for machinery and equipment and farm supplies such as hay and bedding.

Let’s take a racehorse training and breeding farm as an example of how mix and match can work.

Stallions and mares are often housed separately to keep stress at a minimum for both horses and humans. Provision of two structures, with a low profile center aisle barn design set some distance apart, offers a cost effective stabling solution. A different structure for weanlings, yearlings and two year olds may be added with direct access to pastures. For horses that are in training, a shed row style structure may suffice and it can be set close to the exercise track for easy access on a daily basis for training.

A Simple Solution For Building A Complex Horse Farm

Modular structures are easy to add on to and the ability to easily connect more stables to an L-shaped shedrow yard as the business develops, is an attractive option for the owners just starting up a horse farm.

A Simple Solution For Building A Complex Horse Farm

Run-in sheds in each pasture can be incorporated into the design, and easily set on site with customization in size to afford shelter for herds of horses as well as singular mare/foal set ups or individual turn out.

Storage for equipment that requires frequent hook up to tractors or ATV’s can be quickly established with a shedrow design or an overhang could be added to a barn structure.

A main barn can include a high profile design with storage above for hay and supplies, or left airy and open without a loft space for an impressive appearance with excellent ventilation.

Horses that are currently racing may require separate housing that offers a quarantine space, to mitigate the risks of disease transmission for horses that are being transported on and off site. If there are plans to offer import/export services, then the USDA guidelines should be consulted. As regulations for import/export isolation vary depending on the country of origin/destination, the distance that isolation stables and turnout areas require from other buildings/turnout areas on the property should be developed to encompass as wide a variety of requirements as possible. This is especially important for highly active racehorse or equestrian import/export businesses, as it can provide significant savings and offer a profitable enterprise for the farm owner.

A Simple Solution For Building A Complex Horse Farm

When you look at the myriad of styles and designs of modular barns that are available, you may want to use different types of barns but a cohesive aesthetic to the farm complex is important. Continuity can be achieved by using the same manufacturer for all structures, as the hardware, wood and materials and craftsmanship can be matched.

Colors for various structures can be the same, or trim and siding colors may be switched up but still follow the rules of Isaac Newton’s color wheel, to ensure no clash of color scheme and to provide harmony in the landscape. There is an advantage on a large equestrian property to having buildings of different colors, as visitors, drivers, vets and other professionals can be directed to a specific barn just by mentioning the color of the building. For racehorse owners the farm colors will probably be evident throughout the design, especially on the crossbars on the doors to the buildings.

A Simple Solution For Building A Complex Horse FarmThe crowning glory and unifying item on each structure might be similar style cupolas with weathervanes that match and identify the buildings as all belonging to one farm. The weathervane may incorporate the farm logo to clearly identify the brand.

Other equine business developments such as summer camps, can incorporate lots of kid friendly bright colored buildings, each assigned a different function that is easy for visiting campers to identify at a glance. A yellow coop for the chickens, a blue barn for the lesson horses, green run-in sheds for the goats and donkeys, a bright red garage for the ATV’s, white poolside cabanas, a colorful playset for the playground area etc. The utility buildings could be identified by their natural wood color to indicate their off-limit status for campers.

A Simple Solution For Building A Complex Horse Farm

Again a unifying factor for the aesthetic appeal of the camp could be a similar roof style throughout all the buildings such as a gable roof, the same type of siding or cupolas, or a similar entrance door construction.

A Simple Solution For Building A Complex Horse FarmLeading manufacturer Horizon Structures L.L.C., supplies the nation with beautifully Amish crafted buildings that don’t just address horse farms and equestrian needs, but also offer garages, sheds, kennels (commercial and residential), chicken coops, outdoor structures such as pavilions and gazebos, and playsets. That’s a perfect resource from which a summer camp development can be easily planned and constructed in a one-stop shopping experience with a purchasing discount across their buildings including those their sister company has been manufacturing for over 40 years.

If your project is government funded, Horizon Structures L.L.C., also offer GSA services at the Federal, State and local level as well as 3rd party financing options for those who opt for financial assistance.

When you think about the timeframe that is required to develop a large horse farm and the necessary upheaval that such building on site that both horse and human will endure, the provision of a factory made modular construction makes a lot of sense. No weather delays, an identified price with no budget overruns, a quick and simple set up on a short timeline. No noise, less mess and less stress. Let’s face it, the sooner your farm complex is built, the sooner you can begin using it and start making money.

A Simple Solution For Building A Complex Horse Farm

Plans for permitting are easily attained from Horizon Structures drafting experts and their team will assist your excavation crew with direct contact and advice for site preparation alleviating the risks of miscommunication or misunderstandings by third party involvement if you’d find that helpful.

If you are planning an equestrian facility of any type, creating an agri-tourism destination, or developing a kid/adult campground or retreat, check out the modular and prefab options at Horizon Structures and harness the wealth of experience that working with their team with an assigned Project Manager will provide.

A Simple Solution For Building A Complex Horse Farm