Get Out Of The House

Get Out Of The House

The wonders of nature are often best viewed while out hiking or rowing a kayak, but not everyone has the athletic ability or inclination to get out and enjoy nature from the top of a mountain trail or under the canopy of a hang glider. Even the sun’s hot rays and fresh air can be a nuisance for those with skin conditions or allergies to dust and pollen.

The solution is to add a sunroom or garden room. It will service as a fresh, clean space where you can enjoy the delights of an air-conditioner if you desire to escape the heat, while still providing a view of the garden and nature. Easy to situate in almost any spot, the sunroom can be prefabricated to suit your taste and designed to fit your property in size, and complement your home in color and style.

For the very young or for the elderly, the extra space can be a boon all year around. Sheltering not just from the hot sun, but also from rain or inclement weather while still enjoying the feel and view of the great outdoors. Armchairs can be added that offer maximum comfort, playroom space that de-clutters the home can add valuable living space without constant cleaning up toys to toy boxes. A sunroom also provides a private retreat after a long workday or a spot for a one-on-one conversation with a friend that stops by for a beverage. Of course you may just seek a quiet spot to work or use as a creative space to write or craft something special. Did you know that such iconic writers as Virginia Woolf wrote some her famous literary works in a shed studio environment?

If you’re sold on the sunroom idea there’s a few features you should make sure come standard in its construction. Leading prefab manufacturer Stoltzfus Structures has the ‘ go to’ list of everything you want to include:

Their Deluxe Model Includes:

Insulated Floor
Wood Grain Vinyl Flooring
Secure Fiberglass House Door w/ 15-Lite Glass
Insulated 46″x46″ Windows with Screens
Insulation in floor, walls, and ceiling ready for year round use
Tongue & Groove Pine finished interior with Clearcoat Finish
Hip Roof Style
100 Amp Breaker Box, 3-Outlets, 1 Ceiling Fan with Light, 1-Switch, 1 Exterior Light

Any time you consider purchasing a new structure, it is wise to find a company that offers a large array of designs from which to choose and has proven experience in delivering a well-crafted product.
Stoltzfus Structures offers two different floor models and size can range anywhere from 10’x14′ to 14’x40′, but their factory also provides fully customizable options, which is just one of the many benefits of working directly with the manufacturer! You can take a bird’s eye view of their Atglen, PA facility here.

In today’s world you can orchestrate delivery of your perfect outdoor living space with a minimum of fuss. This opens up the design opportunities considerably, and you can enjoy the process of making the perfect selection for your individual needs. A bespoke sunroom can also add value to your property when it comes to sale time, as homeowners nationwide appreciate the extra space it provides and sunrooms and summerhouses continue to trend upwards in popularity as an easy way to add to the quality of life without a major expense or moving house.

Get Out Of The House

Those individual needs include budget concerns. To save money you can always opt for some unfinished portions in the build, such as not adding insulation and opting for a three-season usability, or you can add finishing touches later. Larger companies such as Stoltzfus Structures, also offer financing through 3rd party lenders in a simple to apply process.  That means you can get started with your sunroom project right away and begin planning your holiday or birthday parties now and is another distinct advantage of working directly with a leading manufacturer.

And talking of parties and making your sunroom a special place that everyone will thoroughly enjoy, what kind of things can you do to highlight your garden space and make your event extra memorable?

Here are a few tips:

• Outdoor lighting can create great ambience and set the mood for any event. Trees floodlit from below have their beautiful structures highlighted and different color lighting can set the tone. An added bonus this type of lighting won’t annoy the neighbors. Use reds for vibrance, blues and greens for coolness and white for a simple brightness. LED lighting can be set to operate from an app on your computer, carnival cabochons and string lighting are all hot options.  Strong lights are a great way to connect your sunroom to the house or patio for spatial definition of the party space.

• The power of flowers cannot be underestimated. A garden view from your sunroom that offers a sensory note with textures and evening perfumes, colorful displays and a variety of textures of plant leaves and shapes can transform a blank exterior space into something the viewer from the sunroom will truly appreciate.

• Festoon the garden with homemade bunting. Material gathered and hung between tree branches, between house and summerhouse or garden house, can move air as they catch the breeze and add a true sense of party to the event.

A sunroom offers lots of ways for you to explore your creative side. Don’t be afraid to use the space for whatever needs you have and to enjoy switching things up as your lifestyle needs change. You might want to use the space for entertainment a few times a year, but in Spring it might make a great place to garden and potter. When friends and family come to visit it can be easily transformed into a welcoming comfy room that you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon. The flexibility the sunroom or garden shed studio offers for enjoyment is remarkable when you think about how affordable the building is and how quickly it can be installed and switched up for multiple purposes as life dictates.

Get out of the House

Whatever your reasons for adding the benefit of a sunroom to your property don’t be shy to ask lots of questions. Reach out to an experienced partner like Stoltzfus Structures at 610 595 4724 to discover the wealth of opportunities to make your sunroom dream a reality.