Spring Is Horse Blanket Repair Time
By CH Staff

Spring Is Horse Blanket Repair Time

Winter is behind us and it will soon be time for horses to shed their heavy winter blankets. As those blankets come off and we begin the task of blanket laundry and repair, many horse owners are not quite sure what blanket damage it is cost effective to repair or where to go to get it done. Horse blankets, especially the heavyduty winter variety, represent a considerable financial investment for horse owners and can cost over $500.00. Folks have even had blankets stolen off their horses in the fields due to the high cost of these products. It makes economic sense to repair blankets when possible, so we asked blanket repair seamstress, Nancy Stoop, of Delancey, NY for some advice.

Spring Is Horse Blanket Repair Time

CH: How long have you been in the blanket repair field and what made you decide to start it?

Stoop: I have been fixing my own for a while, and found that I enjoy it. Now that I am no longer working full time I have time to fix other peoples blankets.

CH: What are the most common blanket damages you see? Straps? Seams ripped?

Stoop: Loose or missing straps or very common, also small rips and tears. There are some ripped seams, and occasionally a blanket or sheet that has been really ripped and torn by its occupant. I enjoy the challenge of putting the blanket layers back together.

CH: How much does it cost to make such repairs? i.e. a strap replacement/seam repair/hole repair?

Spring Is Horse Blanket Repair Time

Stoop: My minimum charge is $10.00, that would cover 2 strap reattachments, and most tears are $15.00. I’ve never had a bill bigger than $30.00 so far, and that was one of those destroyed blankets.

CH: Do you offer blanket cleaning too?

Stoop: No. That is not what I like to do . 

CH: Do folks need to clean blankets before sending them in to you? And do they?

Stoop: Yes blankets need to be “reasonably clean “ not muddy, and not smelling of urine or manure. The sewing machine is in my home, so stinky or filthy blankets won’t be fixed. And yes most people are very good about cleaning .

CH: How do you handle the transport UPS/local area only? Pick up? Drop Off? If so where and best way to contact you for pick up if offered. How much does it generally cost to send you a blanket/have a minor/major repair done and who pays shipping back and what does it cost generally.

Stoop: I am willing to meet for large orders. Most people drop off their blankets. I am willing to ship, but have not had any need for that yet.

CH: What is the usual timeframe for a repair? Do you offer any emergency repair services?

Stoop: My usual time frame is a day or two. If you need a strap reattached, I can do that while you wait if you call and make an appt. 

CH: What repairs can you not complete i.e. when does a blanket become beyond the realm of your seamstress skill set?

Stoop: I have not found one I cannot fix yet, but I am sure there will be one. Sometimes finding the pieces to fix a blanket can be an issue. I always need used blankets people are going to discard so I can salvage whatever might be useful.

Spring Is Horse Blanket Repair Time

CH: Do you offer any warranty on your repairs?

Stoop: Haven’t had an issue with that. But if a repair does not hold, I would re-stitch for no charge .

CH: Could you tell us a bit about your set up i.e. do you have a commercial sewing machine? washer/dryer? Where do you work? Is it in your barn/garage /home?
Stoop: I have a heavyduty upholstery machine and it’s in my entry room.

CH: How can people contact you for blanket repairs?

Stoop: Folks can give me a call at 607-746-6126 and make an appointment to drop off at my home at 427 Huska Road, Delancey NY 13752 or email me at