The New Combo Greenhouses Offer Solace and Fun
by Nikki Alvin-Smith

The New Combo Greenhouses Offer Solace and Fun

Combination style shed/greenhouses offer the best of both worlds – the retreat/studio/art/gym space plus a properly useful greenhouse, homemade conservatory or indoor ‘secret garden’ in which to relax. The variety of styles offer the perfect fit for any backyard and it’s the perfect solution for finding that private extra space to relax away from the family fray or create your next masterpiece.
The outdoor porch design also offers that inside/outside living space that is so appealing when the weather is simply too beautiful to stay inside, however light and airy the interior space of the shed/greenhouse combo structure maybe.
For some gardeners the extra space the combination design includes will quickly be utilized for extra potting and planting projects. For others the ‘respite’ area will address the need to take a tea break now and then and entertain family and friends.

The New Combo Greenhouses Offer Solace and Fun
Don’t worry about water systems and lighting either because you can buy these features as simple add-ons to any pre-fab purchase if you choose the right resource to buy from in the first place.
Perhaps it is not too surprising to learn that the leading manufacturer in the country of modular horse barns, Horizon Structures, based in Atglen, PA, has extended their product line to surpass the chicken coops, residential and commercial kennels and timber frame builds, to include prefab greenhouses and this special combination shed/greenhouse design.
The knowledge that comes with decades of experience in the construction industry imports some super Amish craftsmanship and thoughtful design features to the builds. While certainly these shed/combo units are not the cheapest on the market, their excellent construction materials and well-laid out design will not only function well on a daily use basis, but also provides durability and longevity to the unit. Take a virtual tour here to see what’s on offer.
Building it once and building it right ultimately saves money. Not to mention it also saves a lot of time and labor down the road ‘fixing’ and repairing the structure. You see a lot of sheds and various types of structures along the roadside as you commute to work and run errands, but buying what’s local often does not equate to enjoying the widest selection of options in colors and designs or securing the best price. It also does not equate to buying the best quality.
When you buy from a reputable company that stands behind the products it produces to the marketplace, like Horizon Structures, you can be confident with where and how you are spending your money.

The New Combo Greenhouses Offer Solace and Fun
Top quality features always begin with top quality materials. Horizon Structures shed/combo offerings for example, use of low maintenance Smartside Wood Siding and durable yet elegant cedar wood pergolas and cedar doors. From floor to ceiling the building is built to last, and it includes Floorguard protection and pressure treated foundation runners topped off with a durable 40-year metal roof.

The New Combo Greenhouses Offer Solace and Fun
Choosing your own style and buying online, with an almost ‘instant’ delivery to your own backyard is quick and efficient. It is important to have a variety of options in color and style of the combo greenhouse/shed build, because outdoor living structures are often sited in view of the house.
Accommodating and complementing the style of the existing buildings on the property is also a good idea. The aesthetic appeal of any structure is important not just for your own pleasure, but also it adds curb appeal in the event of sale of the property. And don’t forget that outdoor buildings like garages and barns, sheds/greenhouses, also add to the property value.
Whether the clocks are going forward or ‘springing’ back, the amount of time you spend pursuing projects and hobbies you love doing is never wasted. Finding time in the day to take a well-deserved break and get after it is always worth it.
Ease of delivery and set up, a ‘to the penny’ quote to wherever you live, and availability of different financing options are all available at Horizon Structures. Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter to garner the special deals and discounts that occur throughout the year too.