Horse Owners - Have You Thought About Building A Barndominium?
By Nikki Alvin-Smith

Horse Owners - Have You Thought About Building A Barnodominium?

There are lots of great reasons to build a Barndominium on your horse property, and lots of great design options to accomplish the goal. Equine aficionados can take their horse ownership experience to a whole new level – in fact to the second level – by buying a ‘barndo’ structure and setting up house above the horse stalls below.
The property owner that seeks to save some money on construction costs can combine their residence build and horse barn together. Aside from obvious benefits like its eco-friendly small footprint, space saving aspects on smaller acreages and neat and tidy appearance, high functionality factors in too.
Consider daily care functions such as winter mornings where the snow is piled deep outside and the obvious proximity benefit for the horse caregiver who has just a few steps to navigate to reach the equines below for feed and stall cleaning. Then there’s the security factor of having your horses within sight and sound, which is kind of cool when you consider your expensive performance horses or breeding mares can be kept close by.

Barndominium Bedroom
Money making and money saving options also apply. Living space above the horses can provide short-term rental income; provide housing as an apartment for a sibling, child, parent, farm staff or guests; be marketed as a ‘hunting box’ lifestyle experience; for properties in proximity to prestigious equine event venues the space can yield a rental avenue stream from competitors who love to stay off-site to save money on costly showground stabling and supplies.
Barndominiums also offer an opportunity to stage development of a property. Their build may be followed down the road by a residence construction when funds allow but provide valuable ‘on site’ living meantime saving costs for livery/boarding, as well as rental expenses for an RV/camper or local home for the property owner who has to move to the area from a location that is too distant to complete as a daily commute.
The ever-advancing construction techniques and modern building materials provide an improved level of comfort and security for the human that wants to reside in the same structure as their equines. Historic issues with energy costs, fire risks, noise/odors and vermin intrusion can be simply avoided given the construction plan incorporates certain measures and meets relevant building code requirements.
To make owning your own horse barn and home combination even easier, the nationwide leader in modular barn construction Horizon Structures, now offers an impressive line of barndominium styles.
Buyers can choose from the appeal of a moderately sized “Barnette,” a one-bedroom studio that offers all the modern accoutrements for human comfort but does not break the budget, to the magnificent chic “Paddock Retreat,” that exudes a presence and aesthetic that will set your heart racing with plenty of room for horses and humans.
There are two other styles you can choose between the two mentioned above, and with interior design options such as the natural feel ambience of rustic pine or the rather chic birchwood play, the clever layouts for each of the four styles are sure to impress even the non-horsey members of the family.

Bardominium Living Area
To make the selection process even easier, Horizon Structures, who are of course highly regarded for their Amish craftmanship and sturdy barn builds in multiple sizes and designs, has built a barndominium on their lot at their head office in Atglen, PA. Not that you have to go in person to visit it unless you’d like to – you can take a tour here.
Financial assistance, detailed warranty information, a straightforward buying process and contract together with an accurate timeframe for the delivery and set up of the structure are all other important aspects of the purchasing process a buyer needs to consider. And here Horizon Structures are once again in a leadership position in the industry, as their decades of experience and evident transparency in the construction field is also widely known.
Owner at Horizon Structures, Justin Zook, explains the reasoning behind adding the Barndominiums to their product line up:
“Our clientele has expressed interest in these products for years. We have observed a notable uptick in individuals acquiring vacant parcels to build their dream farmette and construct their residences. Our objective is to provide a quick and easy solution for the construction of barns with integrated living spaces above. This option can serve as a temporary residence while they accrue funds for their dream home, an in-law suite, or even a short-term rental. 
There are many companies who build Barndominiums. These are typically fully constructed homes strictly for residential purposes. What makes our product unique is the ability to combine the barn with the living space. All components to the living space are completed in our indoor facility. Following the on-site assembly of the barn structure, local contractors are tasked solely with the installation of water and electrical lines. Once completed, the unit is move in ready.”

There’s something comforting about working with a company that understands the needs of both horse and human in the construction realm. Thoughtful details of all aspects of both sides of the ‘residents fence’ have been considered carefully.
A prime example: When interviewed Justin Zook was asked whether there was direct access from the stalls to the upstairs living area and he explained, “No”.
The reason: The ‘exterior access only’ to the second floor means no vermin, odors, dust or detritus can travel from downstairs to upstairs. Similarly there is no noise transference through an open door, less fire risk and the upstairs and downstairs areas can be secured individually. All smart reasons not to incorporate an interior staircase.
The Zook family have been building everything from sheds and studio retreats, to producing Center-aisle barns, Monitor barns, Low Profile barns, commercial and residential grade canine kennels and an array of chicken coops for many years. Their astute forethought and planning along with their keen sense of integrity in both their products presented and the customer service experience is not one to overlook. After all, who doesn’t want to fully enjoy the buying process of their dream home happy in the knowledge that the end result will be just as expected.
Give a barndominium build a look. It might just get you home with your horses with a fresh start. You can enjoy a new outlook in life figuratively as well as literally, with your varietal rooms with views of horses grazing outside and a lifestyle that encompasses country living at its best.