Yay or Neigh

Yay or Neigh??

Horse Color Explored: Over 150 Breeds, Types, and Variations by Vera Kurskaya $34.95
by Chelsea Smith

Horse Color ExploredThis fascinating volume is more than an overview of all of the different types, breeds, and colors of horses. It is an educational book about horse color genetics that addresses the science behind why horses are the color(s) they are through succinct prose and vivid photographs.

Each color found in horses is depicted and described, and if you’ve ever wondered what your expectant mare’s foal will probably look like, Kurskaya advises on what genetic marker(s) to test for. Everything you need or want to know about horse color is included in this volume, making it a must have for anyone who loves horses and science.

Horse Speak: The Equine-Human Translation Guide by Sharon Wilsie & Gretchen Vogel. $27.95
by Chelsea Smith

Horse Speak: The Equine-Human Translation Guide by Sharon Wilsie & Gretchen Vogel.As an ASL student, I know better than most the importance of reading the nuances in facial expressions and body language, yet the few times I’ve been able to read my horse accurately is when she feels extremely strongly about something. Like her hooves being trimmed. Or the constant movement in her tummy that is turning into a foal. Other times, I’ve recognized that my horse is trying to say something, but I have no idea what it is. Fortunately for me, I now have the perfect resource with this extremely informative volume filled with photographs, tips, and valuable lessons in learning the language of horses. From their heads to their tails (literally), horses speak and the authors spend a significant portion of the book teaching the reader, not only how to read their horse’s body language, but how to communicate with them as well. As many of you know, your horse can read your energy, and in this work, Wilsie & Vogel teach you how to direct your energy to help you communicate with your horse, and provide step-by-step lesson programs to aid you in improving your communication. A perfect addition to your collection, Horse Speak will not only enhance your horse-themed library, but also your relationship with your equine partner. Maybe becoming the next Buck Brannaman isn’t as impossible a goal as I thought…

Tame That Lizard Brain! Brain Training for Riders by Andrea Monsarrat Waldo. $18.95
by Chelsea Smith

Brain Training for RidersThis insightful volume by Andrea Monsarrat Waldo provides the scientific explanation for our uncontrolled reactions to various (and often terrifying) stimuli that frequently impede our ability to stay in control in the saddle (or in the saddle at all). Waldo provides riders with the knowledge and the tools for overcoming the momentary mental lapse that occurs when our rational brain has decided to check out and leaves our lizard brain running the show at exactly the moment you really needed your rational mind to prevail. Now, if you’re not a student of psychology, you’re probably wondering what on earth a lizard brain is and what lizard brains have to do with riders. According to the Waldo the lizard brain is the “area that includes the brain stem and amygdala” and this area controls the body’s basic functions including “breathing, heartbeat, digestion, and other ongoing processes that keep the body alive.” As humans did not develop the prefrontal cortex (aka the “rational brain”) until much later in our evolution, our instinctual response to uncomfortable, stressful, or dangerous situations is governed by our survivalist brain (aka the lizard brain). Well, this explains everything for me, does it for you? Waldo helps us out even more by pointing out that horses, as well as riders, have a lizard brain that they rely on when they get scared, and she gives us the techniques we can utilize with our lizard brained horses when they’re in their survivalist mode. After giving us detailed plans and exercises of how we can overcome our fears and retrain our lizard brain to be a bit less… squirrely, Waldo teaches us how to use her methods of stressing less to become a better trainer and how to handle those ‘difficult’ clients. You know the ones I mean- the ones with their lizard brains running 24/7. Overall, Waldo has provided us with an engaging and empowering volume that demonstrates that it really IS all in your head.

Thelwell’s Pony Cavalcade MSRP $15.95

This classic will have you roaring with laughter. Many of us grew up reading Angels on Horseback, A Leg at Each Corner and Thelwell’s Riding Academy and it is wonderful to have this 60th anniversary celebratory publish of all three books in one cover from Trafalgar Square books.
Without question horse lovers of every age will thoroughly enjoy this book. It’ll brighten you up on even the gloomiest day! A big fat YAY on this read.



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Halter/Bridle Combination MSRP $92.95
by Chelsea Smith

Halter Bridle COmboIf you like to trail ride then you’re going to love the flexibility of this halter/bridle combo. The leather is heavy duty and the craftsmanship/stitching and hardware are of good quality. By simply removing the bit from the attachment you can convert it quickly to a halter so your horse can be tied up and/or graze in hand. There is a lot of adjustability for fit.

A useful piece of equipment that will give years of service. Recommended.


5 in 1 Horse Riding Jacket Rose Wind/Waterproof
by Chelsea Smith

5 in 1 JacketThis versatile jacket reminds me of that super amazing friend at the barn who is always happy to help you out no matter what. The person who is there to help you hold your horse for the farrier or vet, bring your horse in from the paddock because it’s late and you’re stuck at work, or help you clean your tack before a horse show. No matter what you need, this jacket is the perfect fix. I tend to run cold, so I have both the inner quilted jacket and the waterproof/windproof outer jacket on most of the time. However, when it’s one of those chilly but dry Spring days, I usually don the inner jacket because it’s warm and very comfortable. When it’s a wet autumn day, I take the inner jacket out by unzipping it from the outer shell, and I walk around in the bright pink jacket that keeps my dry and feeling very sophisticated. There is Velcro on the cuffs of the outer jacket, which allows you to tighten or loosen the cuffs depending on your preference. Occasionally, if it’s really wet, I’ll unzip the concealed hood and wear that in place of a hat, and then roll it up when I no longer need it on. When it’s one of those too cold/now I’m too hot days, I’ll simply take the outer shell off and slip it back on without compromising my comfort or losing too much warmth by removing the entire jacket. There are pockets in both the inner and outer jackets, so you never need to be without your phone or gloves, and the inner jacket has sleeves that can be removed if you get too hot in it. So now we’ve got a vest, quilter jacket, and a waterproof/windproof jacket, and a warm winter jacket perfect for wearing anywhere for anything. I should mention that I have not one, but two of these 5 in 1 jackets, one I keep for the barn, and the other I keep as my “going to town” jacket. The longer back on the outer shell keeps the chill from blowing up my back and the side snaps on each of the lower sides of the jacket help me have more flexibility when I’m riding. I’ve washed this jacket a plethora of times, and these things are made to last. As in, no fraying, tearing, or dulling of the fabric colors. My jackets seem to have defeated the mischievous laundry imp that always tries to ruin my clothing in one way or another, and I couldn’t be happier with this product.

Philippe Karl & High Noon Part 2 DVD MSRP $49.95High Noon 2
By Chelsea Smith

This DVD follows the French riding master Philippe Karl and his Hanoverian High Noon as they progress to High School dressage. While it is fun to watch and a keen eye will glean a few pointers I was disappointed overall with this DVD. There is little advice or direct instruction shared with the viewer and while it is wonderful to see horses ridden by a professional such as Mr. Karl, it would be a much more useful DVD if some insight was given into the training methods and specific details as to the aids and directions given.

Sorry, not my favorite though a nice production from Pferdia.

The Sound Equine Halter MSRP $79.95
By Chelsea Smith

The Sound Equine HalterHalters, I would argue, are fairly important when dealing with horses. I mean, how else are you supposed to catch, lead, shoe, and otherwise deal with a 1,000 pound animal that doesn’t speak your language? Unless you’re one of those horse people who can teach any horse to be extremely calm, still, and respectful in every single circumstance under the sun, I’d say you need a halter. But not one of those cheap, nylon, never lasts more than a couple years, import from India halters— no, we need something that will last. A halter is something that you only want to buy for your horse once, and if it was made in America, then you could support your own country while doing so. With the black leather halter from The Sound Equine, you get several things: a tough, American made, handsome, comfortable, and adjustable halter that you will only have to buy once.
I love it— the strong black leather and brass buckles provide functionality and style, while the neat stitching gives the halter the sophisticated look I want at a show; my horse also loves it. He’s always happy to put it on. Or maybe that’s because we’re going outside? Either way, the halter is easy to put on and take off, and the rounded buckles make sure my horse is comfortable and safe. So try it. You’ll only have to buy it once, and when everyone admires your good taste in halters and horses, you’ll be the talk of the barn.

FITS Breeches Tech Tread Full Seat High Tech MSRP $127.99
by Chelsea Smith

Let’s talk about technology. Fabric technology. What if there was a pair of breeches that FITS Tech Treadused environmentally safe ink and shoe tread technology to provide unrivaled gripping power for riders? What if this fabric was lightweight and composed of 14% Lycra to help prevent muscle fatigue while simultaneously giving the rider the correct amount of grip no matter where they are in the saddle?

Let’s imagine all of the positive aspects of such a pair of breeches: We could stop wearing chaps— those things are so bulky!; we could ride for longer without our legs protesting loudly during the ride; we could be nice and cool while riding for longer during the hot summer months; and we could stop worrying about our grip and focus on our seats! Well, engaged reader, guess what- we live in a world where this fabric technology AND this magical pair of breeches do exist, and you can find it in the new line by FITS. This particular product is called the “FITS Breech Tech Tread Full Seat,” and gives us more than the aforementioned positive aspects of donning such a pair of breeches— convenience.

With machine washable fabric that sheds a variety of small (and annoying) particles, such as shavings and dirt, and a cargo pocket suitable for holding a phone or whatever else one might need, these breeches are incredible. Comfortable, lightweight, and practical, FITS offers this product in four different colors: Lead, Coffee, Black, and Sahara. I highly recommend giving these breeches a try— if not, I’ll still be sailing by you with my Kastel Denmark Christine Soft Shell Riding Jacket, only this time I’ll have the best breeches around on, and you’ll be stuck wondering where you went wrong. But we’d both already know the answer to that, wouldn’t we. 

Christine Soft Shell Riding Jacket MSRP $98.99

by Chelsea Smith

Christine Soft Shell Riding Jacket

The following are generally considered to be oxymorons: stylish and comfortable; lightweight and warm; water resistant and machine washable. However, the Christine Soft Shell Riding Jacket from Kastel Denmark is all of the above, with an interior liner that compliments the exterior of the jacket, both aesthetically and functionally.
If you’re looking for an article of clothing to wear while riding that looks and feels great, but won’t fall apart with extended use, then this is the jacket for you; however, if you’re more than happy to continue wearing your restrictive, cumbersome, and hard-to-clean (and let’s face it, probably unflattering) excuse of a riding jacket, then go on ahead—I can say that I’ll be sailing past you, looking and feeling fantastic on my mighty steed, while you sit stationary on your strange pony.




Equifit's D-Teq Splint Boots MSRP $220 Front $205 Hinds

Equifit BootsProbably one of the best impact absorbing boots available on the market right now. The high tech Equifit product line released this boot in a variety of colors, and may also be customized with barn logos and special color combos. The most popular seller is the Black Ostrich.

The amazing feature of the high tech washable liners that go from soft to hard on impact make this a stand out product. The workmanship on the boots is excellent.
Offered in front and hind leg designs. I saw a definitive improvement in my horse's confidence with strides up to the fence after using these boots for a short period. Useful for all disciplines not just jumping. A super product to protect your horse. A big YAY from me.

Anatomically molded outer shell: Equifit Boots
Virtually unbreakable shock absorber
Three 1.25" wide straps to eliminate pressure points 
Secure fit 
Classic styling
ImpacTeq™ Liners:
Transform from soft to rigid upon impact
Mold to leg for custom fit 
Breathable & cool 
Promote circulation
Easy to wash and quick to dry.




Yay or Neigh??

EZ Breech by Devon-Aire MSRP $99.95

The new and improved, two-in-one riding breeches! Chaps and breeches- the best of riding apparel! This product is the ultimate cross between Western and English riding styles- the grip of chaps, sewn into the form fitting, elegant style of English breeches. One may inquire as to the bulky nature of chaps- how does that EZ Breechwork with breeches? The answer is quite simple- relatively flawlessly. The chap aspect of these jods is cleverly designed to move with the material into which the chaps are sewn. If you are looking for something that will increase your leather on leather contact, but hate having to remove or adorn the (sometimes) awkward chaps and despise having to wear chaps around the barn, this is the perfect compromise. While these jods are, most emphatically, not chaps, they do offer a perfect middle road. If you are a rider concerned by appearances- you want some of the Western chap functionality, but not the look of Western riding, the EZ Breech works in your favor. These breeches sport a boot-cut, are very comfortable to wear, in addition to being very easy to care for (machine washable, AND retains its elasticity). Material is a comfortable and easy to wear 5% Lycra and 95% Elastin. These breeches maintain their shape, and provide necessary support while in the saddle.

Colors available include tan, chocolate and black and a range of ladies sizes from S through XL.

The Yay or Neigh Column is written by
Chelsea V. Smith

Chelsea V. Smith, is Assistant Editor to the team. Chelsea recently graduated from the University of Vermont (UVM) with a Masters in History, and also holds a B.A. in History with English and International Studies minor, from Susquehanna University, P.A. During her time at UVM Chelsea worked in the writing field, dedicating a year to working on a project to train professors how to teach writing skills to students of all levels within the University. Chelsea is a published writer, has presented her writings across the country as far West as Montana, and has presented her published works up and down the East Coast including locally at the Historical Society of Gilboa, NY.

While Chelsea has had to put her equestrian activities on hold due to work, travel and study schedules, she has trained in multiple disciplines including hunter/jumpers and also dressage and has worked with several noted trainers in those disciplines.