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Advanced Equine Studies

Advanced Equine Studies is thrilled to announce their 3-Disc DVD set, The Horse’s Respiratory System, received the "Best Educational Program of 2015" award at the Equus Film Festival held in NYC November 2015. Advanced Equine Studies makes college-level content available and convenient for anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Producer Andrea Steele says, “We make learning about the horse at an advanced level fun to watch. Instead of viewing a TV rerun, you can view our DVDs once a week and become a more knowledgeable horseperson.” Advanced Equine Studies DVDS are scheduled to cover all the horse’s bodily systems as well as other topics of interest. Watch DVD trailers on our website You can also buy our programs on

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Horse in a Kilt Media Inc. is a small publishing house and is publisher of this publication Catskill Horse. Catskill Horse is a free community resource service we provide for the Catskill Region and environs.

Horse in a Kilt also produces several other imprints which are
available online that include writing services, We are currently
working on publishing several new book titles and DVD titles. Genres include humor, horse books, contemporary and historical romance categories. To learn more please visit us at
and join us on facebook at our page www.Facebook/HorseinAKiltmedia - you'll find 'Hamish the Horse" there to greet you.

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Freelance Commission Ghostwriting & Publishing/Printing Services
I pride myself on providing keen attentive and summary skill sets and meeting deadlines. My background includes a degree in English Literature and experience writing across all markets. As a published writer in both the fiction and non fiction fields, I am well versed in editing and also offer rewriting services. In the past several years I have written successfully ghostwritten for two publishing houses. For obvious reasons I cannot disclose the book titles or houses.
I am also available for any type of freelance writing, event coverage, interview and article writing. is currently providing publishing services on behalf of Catskill Horse as well as book publishing for forthcoming equine related book publishing for writers in multiple genres. Need printing help? We can design and print your PRMarketing materials.