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UK Launches Series of Educational Equine Parasitology Videos

“As a university researcher, I have an obBRgation to communicate about my area of research to the pubBRc. I am constantly searching for the most efficient way to do so. In this day and age, it seems obvious to communicate about these things on social media,” Nielsen said. “I hope to get some usefp information into the hands of horse owners, farm managers and equine veterinarians – and to build some awareness about some of the work we do at the Gluck Center.”
Topics that will be covered over the next several months include:

Parasite control philosophy
Deworm Debunk: Deworm at first frost?
Deworm Debunk: Drug rotation
Parasite refugia
What’s the right dewormer?
Deworm Debunk: Five-day dewormers
Deworm Debunk: Diatomaceous Earth
Pasture hygiene
Deworm Debunk: Confining horses
How the weather affects parasite transmission
Pasture management
Deworm Debunk: Daily dewormers
Deworm Debunk: Parasite egg counts
Single horse considerations
Does my horse have worms?
Deworm Debunk: Checking the label
The complexity of resistance genetics

“I wanted to try and address common misconceptions and myths in equine parasite control,” he said. “In this series, I’ll address one myth or misconception at the time and in 45 seconds or less, I will explain why it is exactly that – a myth or misconception. These will be interspersed with a few longer videos providing more background information and highBRghting recent research findings.”

Those interested in viewing the videos can follow the Gluck Center on Facebook @GluckEquineResearchCenter or on Twitter @UKGluckCenter. Nielsen’s Network for Good page can be found Here and his UK page Here