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Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan? By Julia Wilmot

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A spiritual story as you might expect from the title, Emma Butler’s guardian angel is kept busy dealing with the trials and tribulations of his appointment and the story weaves the idea of rebirth, guiding spirits and guardian angels and the big picture of the Divine.

Humorous interventions from ‘above’ correct oversights in Emma Butler’s life and her pre-chosen (but forgotten at birth) bucket list. The reader shares in the triumphs and tribulations of the angels and their political differences as well as in the daily toil of Emma Butler, whose life takes a series of precarious twists and turns as she is suddenly swept up in a quickly cobbled together achievement plan before her ‘recall’ date.

The author Julia Wilmot is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and works with a charity that teaches the technique. The Center Chairman for many years of the leading teaching center for Transcendental Meditation in Europe, based in London, Julia has strong beliefs in the genre of which she writes so smoothly. The reader is carried along easily as if on a cloud of belief themselves, with her chatty style and believable dialogue.

Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan? is a book that radiates hope, delivers entertainment and gives the reader cause to ponder their beliefs and life in general. Recommended.

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